Passed MFP goal! Lost over 1/2 my body weight PICS



  • ayankeefan51
    ayankeefan51 Posts: 135 Member
    This was such an inspiration to me, very witty and honest. Thank you for posting!
  • Tiff050709
    Tiff050709 Posts: 497 Member
    That is wonderful! Great job.
    I have to lose half my body weight as well and it is inspiring and a comfort to know that it's completely possible.
  • colleenwallander
    colleenwallander Posts: 15 Member
    I am so inspired I just started my time here on MFP seeing all these numbers of pounds lost. I want to someday be you to be able to inspire someone like myself. Congrats on this and I like your video idea but I don't have a video tape I may write a letter to myself. Good job!
  • J3nnyV
    J3nnyV Posts: 114 Member
    Wow! You look amazing and I love the idea of making a video to my future self! Thank you!
  • ohmscheeks
    ohmscheeks Posts: 840 Member
    Wow, total transformation, congrats!
  • WOOOOWW!! Congratulations! What an accomplishment.
  • 1ready2bfit5
    1ready2bfit5 Posts: 1 Member
  • mindycrls2
    mindycrls2 Posts: 20 Member
    Thats a great Idea! You are awesome! Thanks for the motivation!
  • Kassadeedle
    Kassadeedle Posts: 109 Member
    holy crappp!!!! i'm so happy for you, you look awesome!
  • super_J73
    super_J73 Posts: 257 Member
    absolutely amazing! Congratulations, you look fantastic!
  • jst1986
    jst1986 Posts: 201 Member
    You look amazing and a great story too.
  • gabegrammy
    gabegrammy Posts: 147 Member
    wow you look great, what an inspiration
  • Gracie1214
    Gracie1214 Posts: 120 Member
    you look amazing :smile:
  • PRobertson71
    PRobertson71 Posts: 18 Member
    WOW!!!! Thanks for the motivation :)
  • breviceps
    breviceps Posts: 4
    Congratulations and you look amazing!!! You're such an inspiration to everyone.
  • nexangelus
    nexangelus Posts: 2,081 Member
    Way to go on the weight loss and recovery from an ED. You are amazing! It is hard work but you have done it...
  • BioMechHeretic
    BioMechHeretic Posts: 128 Member
    WOW! You look absolutely incredible, congrats to you!
  • You look amazing, a sure inspiration. God Bless!
  • sasbw27
    sasbw27 Posts: 710 Member
    You're a super star! So inspiring, well done!
  • autopilot_on
    autopilot_on Posts: 388
    Pure inspiration, thank you!
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