Happy Birthday to Me - From Morbidly Obese to Healthy (Pics)



  • mrshoneydew
    mrshoneydew Posts: 253
    You look awesome! :D
  • SarahDavs
    SarahDavs Posts: 161 Member
    Happy birthday! You look great! Thanks for the inspiring story. :-)
  • I'm shocked!!! You look INCREDIBLE!!!!!!
  • what_lola_wants
    what_lola_wants Posts: 129 Member
    you look hot babeh !!!
  • kitza101
    kitza101 Posts: 99 Member
    You look really incredible, and so happy too :) Well done on your achievement, I hope you are so proud of yourself!
  • buzzcockgirl
    buzzcockgirl Posts: 260 Member
    Fantastic!! What a great story- I'm sure you'll get to your ultimate goal--- and then we can all see your FINAL pics! Awesome!
    Keep up the good work- and happy birthday!

    ps- I got rid of all my 'big' clothes along the way as well... I will never need them again! NO WAY!
  • demonlullaby
    demonlullaby Posts: 499 Member
    wow, you're a new person! you look so good!

    & happy birthday!!! best present ever!
  • _canuckrunner_
    _canuckrunner_ Posts: 364 Member
    What an amazing accomplishment! There's nothing better than the gift of health (the little black dress is great too)!! Congratulations, you're an inspiration!
  • terri_journey
    terri_journey Posts: 287 Member
    You look wonderful!!! Congrat's!!!! :smile:
  • Cherp18
    Cherp18 Posts: 224 Member
    Happy Birthday! Congrats of the best gift of all - good health! :flowerforyou:
  • JaimeCST
    JaimeCST Posts: 118
    You look amazing!
  • Thena81
    Thena81 Posts: 1,265 Member
    happy birthday!!!
    and wonderful job!!!
    go gurl!
  • Sizethree4Ever
    Sizethree4Ever Posts: 120 Member
    Happy Birthday, and Congrats! You look wonderful!
  • summery79
    summery79 Posts: 116 Member
    Amazing! You look beautiful! Love the dress :)
  • soniabogonia
    soniabogonia Posts: 778 Member
    You look fabulous!!!
  • Wow! High 5 to u!
  • msliu7911
    msliu7911 Posts: 639 Member
    You . Look. Ahhhh-mazing!
  • Vonwarr
    Vonwarr Posts: 390 Member
    Happy Birthday and Congrats!
  • carolemorden9
    carolemorden9 Posts: 284 Member
    Good for you! You've come a long way!
  • Cp731
    Cp731 Posts: 3,195 Member

    My reaction when I saw ur Pics!!!!

    :drinker: :drinker: :drinker:
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