Dressing for exercise....(rant..beware...)

I've lost a few pounds and inches, I'm walking regularly, feeling pretty good - my part-time walking companion thinks we should work toward a 5K...ok, I'm game with this.

So..I go to get some "appropriate" clothing to run in. Apparently super skinny people are still the only ones allowed to purchase clothing to go running in. Even the mens XL shorts I couldnt wear. I looked at the sales clerk and said "So where, exactly, are us fat folks supposed to go to buy clothing that is all moisture wicking, non chaffing and such??" He didnt have an answer. (and honestly, I really stopped him in his tracks because I said the "Fat" word, he was really at a loss. It was amusing to watch him try and work around THAT!)

Do any of you have the answer??

I'm so mad/depressed/frustrated. I've lost all this weight and I want to "up my game" and as a new-bee in the exercise world I dont know what I'm doing or where to go - then - I'm (yet again) thwarted by STUPID CLOTHING!!! ARRRGHHH!!!!!

I'm not looking for the high end stuff, just some longer shorts (sorry not gonna do the short short thing - no way) and shirts that will keep me dry and comfortable.

Thanks for listening, and your forthcoming input - Grrrr.....snort....I'm gonna go clean something.......


  • schwarzaj
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    i don't think its the sales clerk's fault....
    go to walmart
  • Thaedra
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    I have always been able to find workout clothes a Target, even when I was pregnant and weighed over 235...
  • TheMaidOfAstolat
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    I hate to ask, but what size are you? You may have been trying on the right sizes without realizing it. Most running clothes are pretty tight...even on us 'tiny' people. I typically wear a small for most things and the small running shorts and tops look like they would fit a child...but I fit in them just fine because they stretch so much. Don't give up on finding clothes that fit, you may just have to try different brands or possibly pay higher prices for better quality brands. Under Armour clothes are great. Also, don't discount yoga pants/capris and shirts.
  • purpleprose
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    I recently ran into the same problem - and it is incredibly frustrating! I started doing Couch to 5K in conjunction with a low-fat diet that I was put on by my doctor. I was really upset to see how little clothing is available to larger people looking to get fit.

    I was lucky in D!ck's and was able to find some Reebok running capris in XL that fit and looked good as well as a 2X Reebok shirt. I've also ordered some workout gear from nordstrom.com that I really like. They're having their 1/2 yearly sale right now and I recommend checking them out, because I found some stuff there that I didn't see anywhere else.

    I feel your pain, but you *can* find stuff. It just takes a little digging. Good luck.
  • cdavis1126
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    Target has champion stuff and it's not that expensive.
  • Chenoachem
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    I would try going to Sport Athority or Big 5 sports. They usually have running capri's which are really comfortable and I used when I first started running. They also carry wicking T's in all sizes.

    Good Luck.
  • antiadipose
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    i bought my first "real running shorts" literally 2 weeks ago!!!
    ive never stepped a foot in those places till that day lol

    dont let this stop u!
    im sure u have an old T-SHIRT and some comfortable shorts/capris/pants
    i exercised for TWO years in what i had originally bought as PJs lol
    they were just comfortable capris!!! and a tshirt!

    i know this is not what ur asking but YES as others said, target has a big collection (thats actually where i got my shorts)
  • 00trayn
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    I had bought size XXL yoga pants and capris from Target for $20 each and I just wore regular tshirts. But they do carry up to XXL. I fit in them fine at 215 when I first started. I still wear size XL because they are so stretchy, but I'm gonna need smaller ones soon...
  • sailyogi
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    Try a sailing shop and get XXL dri-tech shirts. Only $15-20.

    http://www.apsltd.com/p-28841-crgear-dri-balance-ls-tee-shirt.aspx $16 2XL

    Target is pretty good about selling all sizes of dri-tech shirts too.
  • vdub88
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    Hanes Her Way sells champion bike shorts and mesh shorts which are great for running. I'm a big girl and I started running 5k's - 1 a month since last year. I'm not fast but i'm not last! I wear the bike shorts under the mesh shorts when i run and when i work out. Target has some workout wear for bigger girls but still a little too small for me.
  • hkystar
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    Target has really nice and VERY comfy sports bras that are sweat absorbing for like $20 each. I personally love the walmart pants (both long and capris) because they have a little pocket for my house key. I havent really found a sweat absorbing shirt I like yet. I just buy generic t-shirts from old navy to work out in.
  • cmw72
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    I like the Starter Dri-Star shorts from Walmart. They do a good job of wicking away the moisture.

    And at least for the guys, they have them up to size 3x.
  • Nina74
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    Check out Land's end- they have moisture wicking capris, yoga pants and t's up to size 3x.

    Yes, I'm still on the lookout for decent (not granny or huge briefs) moisture wicking undies for us girls who are bigger than a size xl or 1x.

  • servingthealiens
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    Target should be fine for you for now. I do know they carry larger sizes, as I used to work at one. Honestly, you don't need the super high end stuff until/unless you get serious enough to need it. Wicking clothes are comfy and a good idea, so try to find some of those, but the other stuff is made for serious athletes doing intense workouts and distances. That's not most people, and IMHO it's a waste of money for us folks who just work out for fitness and weight loss.
  • MissingMinnesota
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    Also check out oldnavy. Depending on what size you are they even have exercise stuff in their plus size stuff online.
  • leavinglasvegas
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    I don't understand????

    I wear regular clothes that I would wear for a walk, to the gym, to workout in my living room..... I never bought anything special for running.

    Are you supposed to wear something special? Cuz I chose running since it was cheaper than the gym. If I'm required to wear certain clothes-- High school flashbacks--- I don't fit in.
  • Bratsche
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    Thank you thank you thank you everyone - I KNEW I could count on you all!!! Your input and insights are very welcome - I love learning from you! :flowerforyou:
  • jlewis2896
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    Oh sweetheart, I know EXACTLY how you feel. Target is great, and I have actually picked up some really decent stuff at Wal-Mart. I'd also recommend e-Bay -- great deals on barely used stuff.

    You kind of have to figure out which brands work for you -- I liked Champion and Danskin starting out. Oh, also Tek-Gear runs a little bigger on their sizes -- I have purchased some of their stuff at Kohl's stores, and was sad when I skinnied myself out of them. LOL.

    Hang in there -- there's a reason those runners' clothes are so tiny -- you'll get there fast if you end up liking it!!
  • AmyW4225
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    I would recommend Walmart, too. They have super cute clothes by Danskin, and they are comfortable and cheap. I live in mine.
  • kspeach
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    The Danskin tops are a little tight on me, but some of the XXL bike shorts/capris fit me just fine, and I'm about a size 18. Look at Target and WMart in the regular sizes. They go up to XXL in a LOT more things than I expected! And are CHEAPER!!!