Personal Trainer??

Do any of you use a personal trainer? Is it worth the money? I have almost a full gym in my basement but very little time to use it. I find it helpful if I have someone to keep me accountable but don't know if shelling out $100+ is worth it. Have any of you hired a personal trainer?


  • ChangingAmanda
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    Several years ago, I had one for 6 weeks (1 session per week) in an effort to jump start losing weight back then. I took what she showed me in our sessions and worked out 2-3 more times by myself during the week. I stopped seeing her (6 sessions was all i could afford) and soon stopped going to the gym completely. I did see changes working with her and did feel accountable during those weeks.

    Now, still not able to afford personal training, I've opted for a small group training option my gym now offers. It uses body weight, all the bells (kettle, bar, dumb), tires, sprinting, etc. There's anywhere from 1 to 16 of us in class, tho most classes tend towards 4-6. For me it's a win-win because it's guided like personal training but much less expensive (unlimited classes for a month is 2/3 the cost of 1 PT session).

    If you can afford it and you have a good/great trainer, PT is worth it when it keeps you on track. It might be worth it to do 1 session a week or one every 2 weeks depending on your budget.
  • Carrot1971
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    Thanks. I'm really considering it since I have some issues with my back and knees. But money is always an issue.
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    I use a personal trainer from
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    What is Do you like it? Is it worth the money?
  • Shell_7609
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    I love it. They match you with a trainer after you take a survey, then the trainer gives you a weekly menu & exercise schedule. They had a sale a few weeks ago to get 3 months for $99, sometimes they're on QVC too for a discounted rate
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    I do have a personal trainer at my gym I plan on keeping it just until I'm under 200 lbs I feel that it was worth it to me cause i have learned a lot and he made me do things I wouldn't do myself. I started at 340 and I'm currently at 279 lb I feel having that person helps keep me in check of my goals. Being in college plus working I do loose track of my goals easily. But having someone to push me keeps me on track. Once I get under 200 I plan on starting insanity.
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    Yes, I am currently working with a personal trainer as I wanted to get into heavy lifting and I was intimidated to try on my own. Like one of the other people in this thread, I am planning to work with him for six weeks and then take what I learn and start doing it on my own. He is putting together a weekly schedule for me to follow independently once our training is through.

    I have my 8th session today. (We meet 3x a week.) So far, I have learned a lot and I have pushed my body harder than I would have otherwise. I'll have to check back in mid-June to see what progress is truly made!
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    I have used a personal trainer a few times but honestly never felt like it was worth the money. I learned more and got more results using ChaLean Extreme and weights at home. Cheaper in the long run too, esp if you already have home gym stuff. I have a FB accountability group that keeps me motivated and on track.
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    I've just had my first free taster session with a personal trainer, and I think this could really make the difference to me. I've been going to this gym since October, and steadily increasing the weights on the machines, and the difficulty on the cardio machines, but having someone work out some completely new routine so that I REALLY pushed hard was, to me, eye opening to see just how much I could really do. He suggested once a week for 6 weeks, then take a break from training with a PT, go with what he has taught over the 6 weeks, then when I feel I am no longer progressing or want a change, book another batch of sessions. Earlier this year I did the small group training course the gym run 3x a year, and pushed hard, but with the trainer watching your form, and being there for just you, you tend to push even harder... I'm now trying to get the money together for the 6 weeks of training!