Weightlifting to Bodyweight training fat loss progress


For the past 2 or so years I started to hit the gym every 3-5 days varying up my routine to keep things diferent. I gained a decent amount of muscle especially around the chest but never saw any real difference due to the fat covering it all up. I also realised that although I was hitting records such as squatting 150kg, I never found any practical uses for the strength along with never finding a good way to keep track of my food.

Starting from this year I decided to make two major changes.

First start a years worth of pure bodyweight training. I have been inspired by the likes of barstarzz and am currently following convict conditioning. My aim by the end of this year is to do a single handstand push up rep without the wall. As of today the 16th of May I can now do a full hand stand for 30 seconds. 2 Months ago I struggled with a head handstand.

Second is keeping a much better track of what I eat. My soft spot was mixing oatmeal with chocolate whey power (no longer taking). I would fill an entire bowl (150g worth) at 8pm at night not thinking about how calorie dense it was even though I kept good track of what else I ate throughout the day.

So as of today I am now at 137lbs getting very close to under 10% body fat and I believe the pictures show that only a small fat loss can make a difference. I plan to get the last pair of abs showing and then increase my caloric intake by 800 to get me on a 300 calorie surplus.

Right now I am consuming 1800 - 1900 calories per day based upon a sedentary lifestyle (office job) and then including my workouts (cycle to work every day and then every other day body weight training)

Before at 152 (about 4 months ago)


Now at 137lb (might get rid of the chest hair)



  • chixyb
    chixyb Posts: 107 Member
    Great work! I myself have been very interested in tactical/bodyweight training due to the functional aspect. I imagine it was difficult to make that change but you were able to do it, and stick with it! Great goal, by the way!
  • Thanks, it was hard at first as the Weightlifting became a very "macho" thing i guess. Convict conditioning gets you right back down to the basics were when you first read the workout plan for a 3 day split you are doing some very basics moves which you think you can just skip.

    The book tells you not to skip it and do the workout listed. Once you start you realise very quickly that what you thought would be easy is actually challenging, as you are working your body in a very different manner.

    What made me become a convert was instead of focusing on just increasing the weight on your dead lift, chest press, squat etc, bodyweight training / calisthenics has you working towards much harder movements which are far more rewarding in my experience. Along with a focus on on fat loss will make the workout easier due to a lower weight in fat.

    Although I have set my goal this year to do a hand stand pushup without the wall, I want to one day be at the level of these guys which I find fascinating and motivating.: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cxKLSSwx6Pg
  • LaSuiza
    LaSuiza Posts: 56 Member
    Congrats you look great! And please dont get rid of the chest hair :)
  • selmafeki
    selmafeki Posts: 48 Member
    Congrats you look great! And please dont get rid of the chest hair :)
    ^^^ What she said!
  • StarChanger
    StarChanger Posts: 605 Member
    Well, I'm all about muscular men (hubby is 6'2", 240, and has lovely, natural broad shoulders, big biceps, and V-shaped back...and a not-so-lovely Budda-belly) but I have to admit that as much as I'd be impressed by some guy bench pressing a lot of weight, I'd be WAY more impressed with a one-handed hand stand. Guys (and gals!!) who can do advanced yoga moves (something I'd love to aspire to...) are AMAZING to watch. Of course, that assumes one has ever tried to do even basic yoga...which will kick you straight in the *kitten* if you are overweight, out-of-shape, and inflexible, lol. :)

    Keep up the good work!
  • JenBrown0210
    JenBrown0210 Posts: 985 Member
    Congrats you look great! And please dont get rid of the chest hair :)
    ^^^ What she said!
    You look amazing. Keep up the hard work. And this ^^^. I say men should have chest hair. Just my opinion though.
  • Lupercalia
    Lupercalia Posts: 1,857 Member
    You look great, and have clearly made a great deal of progress with your body composition.

    Interesting to read about your switch from barbell training to bodyweight training. Sure, lifting big weights is impressive. But I find myself most impressed by bodyweight exercises.

    Congratulations! :flowerforyou: :drinker:
  • erulasse
    erulasse Posts: 141 Member
    You look fantastic! Well done!

    Don't get rid of the hair! Maybe tame it a little though :laugh:
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