Is this a good cardio plan?

Hey, I'm 5'2.5 and weigh 130.4 pounds...I was wondering if this workout plan would help me lose the last 15 pounds.

10 minutes-Walking
40 minutes-Taebo
10 minutes-walking
30 minutes biking.

If I did this 5 times a week, taking a rest day every two days...would this help me lose weight?
Or could someone make me a workout plan that would work?


  • TavistockToad
    TavistockToad Posts: 35,720 Member
    i dont think you need to do 90 minutes of cardio each time. its quality not quantity!

    plus think about adding in some strength training to 'tone up'
  • defmut3
    defmut3 Posts: 735 Member
    Diet is more important when it comes to losing weight.

    Find out how many calories you need to maintain your current weight (TDEE) and cut down on it. Any form of exercise after that will be beneficial to weight loss.

    Losing weight is just calories in vs calories out.
  • ash190489
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    I would change the walking to HIIT - high intensity interval training I.e. 2 minute warm up walk then 1 minute power walk, 30 sec sprint over and over for 10 mins then 2 minute warm down. Plus I'd definitely add in some kind of strength training and weight training as well.
  • weightloss12345678
    weightloss12345678 Posts: 377 Member
    Its alot not to be training for anything, but the format is cool. They say shorter more intense sessions work better