What is your one food weakness?



  • 22workout
    22workout Posts: 36
    Cheese. Anything cheese I cant help but eat it. Stupid cheese
  • MyM0wM0w
    MyM0wM0w Posts: 2,008 Member
    Potato Chips with French Onion Dip (for Salty)
    DOTS (Gum drops) (for sweet)
  • JBeaner
    JBeaner Posts: 8 Member
    Deep Dish Pizza! OMG, hmmmmmmmm pizza.

    Sorry, lost track there for a moment :blushing:
  • JasonT1973
    JasonT1973 Posts: 229 Member
    Hands down - extra cheese pepperoni pizza!! salt/sugar/fat/carb amazingness!!!
  • JBeaner
    JBeaner Posts: 8 Member
    Cheese. Anything cheese I cant help but eat it. Stupid cheese

  • Chocolate and peanut butter--lethal combo for me
    Chocolate as a whole--includes (but not limited to) brownies, cookies, cakes, brownies (again :)
    Fast food in general--but I'm working on that :-)
    Chips and ranch dip (yum)--I can eat a whole bag and the ranch if I'm not careful--My sister will have to tell me to put it down :-)
  • roverdisc98
    roverdisc98 Posts: 78 Member
    Pizza - I can polish off a whole large Dominos myself (not proud of this but just saying....)

    that's too funny, me too!
  • innocenceportrayed
    innocenceportrayed Posts: 569 Member
    Vanilla oreos.

    That's what got me to almost 160 lbs. If there's regular oreos in the house, they wont be touched, but the vanilla ones, I can have gone in 2 days.
  • ShaSimone
    ShaSimone Posts: 276
    IF ONLY there was just one!

  • If I had just one, I wouldn't be on here. Food is so yummy!!!

    I totally agree with you--it's hard to pick just one :-)
  • barb1241
    barb1241 Posts: 324 Member
    Does the Chinese buffet count?
  • blondageh
    blondageh Posts: 923 Member
    Potatoes with a side of cheese.
  • JennyJo23
    JennyJo23 Posts: 33
    Just one??? As I used to eat lots of unhealthy things I don't know if I could pick one... probably pizza, nachos and ice cream... I narrowed it down.
  • tlab827
    tlab827 Posts: 155 Member
    dry red wine... i drink the whole bottle--- 600 wasted calories

    Ha! It's not wasted, if you didnt drink it, I would consider it wasted :)
  • UltraRunnerGale
    UltraRunnerGale Posts: 346 Member
    Gummy bears

    I have to totally stay away from them just like an alcoholic has to stay away from alcohol (which, by the way I have to do as well).

    The weird thing is, I prefer salty foods to sweet ones, but these things are like crack to me!!
  • playprettie1
    playprettie1 Posts: 66 Member
    Not even close for me....pizza :/

    ^^^^^^This!!! ...Cheesefries is a close second!!!
  • cupcakes_and_cardio
    cupcakes_and_cardio Posts: 369 Member
    This isn't stereotyping, but I am Italian and I love my pasta and meatballs. For doing WW's, pasta isn't so bad, 1C=5 points, but the meatballs kill me, depending on the size of the meatball it can be 5 pnts and up. :( so just two meatballs can be 10 points. not good :(
  • mizzie1980
    mizzie1980 Posts: 379 Member

    It's really the only food I've given up. Everything else I can eat in moderation, but I just can not do that with pasta. I'll eat a plateful (and by plateful, I mean a dinner plate, completely full and heaping, easily 4-6 servings!) and then I'll crave it badly for a week. At roughly 200 calories a serving, that's just not good!

    I love it, I love it a lot. But it's just not healthy for me now. So, yes, I've broken up with pasta.
  • SarahDavs
    SarahDavs Posts: 161 Member
    on a daily it's sauces, like salad dressings, dips, sandwich spreads. They so easily turn something healthy into a calorie overload. So hard for me not to go overboard.
  • smacmillan86
    smacmillan86 Posts: 153 Member
    Poutine. Gets me every time.