Knee up in ice...first 10k on Sunday...

Hi all, I wondered if anyone can offer me some advice, I'm unsure whether to keep resting or train lightly...
Basically I tore my cruciate ligament in my knee playing netball about 3 years ago and it took 2 operations including a full ACL reconstruction with a graft from my hamstring to fix it. I've been pretty much back to normal for a year at least now, I run, I do insanity and am back playing netball. My knee is sometimes sore after a particularly hard session but nothing that bothers me.
However I landed awkwardly on Tuesday at netball with my leg dead straight and it jarred my knee backwards, I couldn't put weight on it for a few minutes and had to go off and get it up in ice. I spent all yesterday icing and resting as it was very sore to walk and it is much better today.
I am running my first 10k on Sunday and had some light runs and work outs planned for today and Friday. It is still not 100% but nowhere near as sore as yesterday and I'm unsure whether I should rest completely until Sunday or try a light run today or tomorrow?? Should I rest it or should I try and get it moving again before Sunday....?


  • I'd say definitely still rest it today. Maybe see how it is tomorrow and come back and tell us and perhaps a light jog, but give it another day before making any decisions.
  • divinenanny
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    I'm no doctor, but when I had knee pain (nothing as serious as you) before my first 5K, I got the advice to rest. You know from training that you can do it, and a couple of days of rest won't change that. "When in doubt, wait it out". Better rest and have a better knee on race day, than a bum knee on all runs...
  • leappleton
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    Thanks both, I think you might be right with the waiting. I know I can do it but maybe it's more my head as I can't remember when I last went so many days with no work out!!