I've hit Onederland!!! - with pics



  • Jess04920
    Jess04920 Posts: 8 Member
    YOU are AMAZING!!! Congratulations! You certainly deserve every bit of happiness you have received!
  • jwhitch
    jwhitch Posts: 51 Member
    Congratulations on your weight loss and finding that special lady to enjoy the rest of your life with. You also sound like a great dad and role model for your daughter. Wishing you joy & continued success in all that you strive for.
  • alphabetsoup2013
    alphabetsoup2013 Posts: 208 Member
    This is one of the most inspiring stories I've ever read. Congratulations to you for taking your life back. You deserve all the happiness that is coming your way.

    Your daughter sounds awesome, too. How wonderful that she had the wisdom to support you in making these changes during such a difficult time in your lives. Kudos to you both.
  • lheaton
    lheaton Posts: 51 Member
    Oh my goodness! A new person completely!!!! WAY TO GO!
  • mmwatford24
    mmwatford24 Posts: 5 Member
    As a daughter with a dad who took on a similar challenge, your story hit close to home. I am so proud of your accomplishments!!
  • Alison12121
    Alison12121 Posts: 198 Member
    Wow! You look great! :smile: That's amazing! I can't wait to get there too.
  • jagh09
    jagh09 Posts: 555 Member
    You look like your own younger brother! Seriously, took at least 10 years off your appearance. Great job!! Keep up the hard work and motivation. You're a real inspiration!
  • ChristinaR720
    ChristinaR720 Posts: 1,186
    Congrats! Amazing progress!
  • chitownsweetie2
    chitownsweetie2 Posts: 89 Member
    Amazing....Thank you for sharing your story!
  • missymakayla
    missymakayla Posts: 309 Member
    You look great!!!!!
  • Whipppets
    Whipppets Posts: 267
    looking great keep it up
  • AshDHart
    AshDHart Posts: 818 Member
    What a wonderful transformation! Your story is truly inspiring!
  • Jenny_Ren1
    Jenny_Ren1 Posts: 65 Member
    Congratulations!!! What an inspiration!! You look amazing!
  • obey1julie
    obey1julie Posts: 2
    wow!! totally different,new,younger looking man,be proud of your success!
  • roseenk
    roseenk Posts: 8 Member
    WOW!!! You look incredible! And the best part ... your smile!! Keep up the good work! :)
  • Lizzym911
    Lizzym911 Posts: 301 Member
    Congrats! you are awesome and it gives me hope that i can do it also... sorry about your wife. You looking amazing and i'm sure your daughter is so proud of you.
  • tdotgirl
    tdotgirl Posts: 95 Member
    Wow!! You look FABULOUS!! You look like a different person, CONGRATS!! W2G!!
  • kdaxon
    kdaxon Posts: 340 Member
    You look amazing!!!! Great story very inspirational!!!!
  • clobern
    clobern Posts: 341 Member
    This is the best post I've read in like.... ever.
  • kpk54
    kpk54 Posts: 4,474 Member
    Wow! Now that's a story of dedication and love. You go guy!
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