Exercise on a weekend getaway!

Hi Everyone,

This sat is my anniversary and my BF has planned a surprise getaway for 3 days over the weekend(The location is a surprise :) )... Should I carry my dumbbells along and at least do my shred? Or should i just let it go? What do you guys generally do?



  • themommie
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    I would just try to get in alot of walking. If you stay at a hotel that has a fitness room then maybe you could use it, or if they have a pool or you go to a lake or something you could swim. Have fun
  • Luckymam
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    For the sake of a weekend, I wouldn't bother. I've just come back from a 2-week all-inclusive holiday in the Canary Islands. I took my sports bra and was going to log in to MFP every day but when I got there I thought "stuff it. I'm on holiday!" I just swam, danced and did aqua aerobics (I was in the pool anyway when it started) most days as I enjoy those activities and would've done them anyway even if I wasn't trying to lose weight. I ate what I wanted and still managed to lose 2lbs!

    I'm glad I didn't go to the gym. It's proven to me that as long as I don't make a pig of myself and just move around a bit, I can enjoy a holiday without being obsessive about diet and exercise!
  • Dreaj79
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    Just be really careful about your eating or sneak in activity wherever possible. My hubby and I just came from St. Augustine and we did a lot of walking around in the Florida sun. I also watched my eating. Idk if I gained or lost any weight but I don't have that "ugh I ate too much" feeling. Good luck and most importantly have fun on your weekend getaway!
  • katattack
    Hi there!! If you're gutsy enough, you can try a hiking+strength training combos! Push ups and plank and burpees oh my! Even a brisk walk and an "urban fitness" type of workout can be really fun; some tricep dips off a bench, then lie down on your back and do some leg-lowers (for your abs!) off the end of the bench. That kind of thing.

    That way you can be sure both you and the BF both get in at least one, solid exercise session, and get to explore the location you end up at anyway.

    Perhaps as an alternate, just bring your swimsuit (my fingers are crossed that he's taking you somewhere really really hot with a great beach)

    Lucky lady ;)
  • anu_6986
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    Thanks everyone :) loved all your suggestions.... Will just tag along my dumbbells as we are drivng anyway :)
    will try to get in a lot of walking, worst case i will do my shred in the room :)

    Thank you so much :flowerforyou: