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Sometimes it takes a while for it to really sink in.



  • scarletjg
    scarletjg Posts: 29 Member
    Holy crap lady... you're smoking hot now!!! It may have been an off day for you in the first pic, I don't know, but you look like a wall flower there and now you look vibrant and young! Way to go! You are seriously a huge inspiration for me right now. I'm 272.7 lbs right now and I can't even think of being as far in this journey as you are becuase it might scare me and throw me off my game. I wish I was there though, and had that self assurance in my eyes that you have in yours.
  • gottaluvboyz
    gottaluvboyz Posts: 555 Member
    Congrats on your success so far and good luck on the rest of your journey! You look fantastic:)
  • arewethereyet
    arewethereyet Posts: 18,702 Member
    HELLO!! We ALL have a cruddy picture of ourselves. Even ppl who have never gained a pound. That shot is just a bad angle.

    GREAT JOB on getting healthier!!!
  • missmiller1
    missmiller1 Posts: 131 Member
    The pictures really do look like two completely different people. Awesome job!
  • ana70
    ana70 Posts: 93
    Looking good, you look healthier and happy. Positive changes are great, keep up all the hard work!:heart:
  • LittleSpy
    LittleSpy Posts: 6,754 Member
    Oh, you guys are all so sweet. I know I have a way to go still -- 40 pounds at least, I'm sure. I've been kind of hovering only moving down from 200 to 195 the last few months and I just caught my 2nd wind last week to get going again. Recognizing the real change I've made already was a big part of getting my act back together to move on.

    I've been very overweight since I was a kid and the possibility of being a healthy weight has never seemed attainable to me as it does now.

    scarletjg -- I remember when I first joined MFP and saw people with 50lbs+ lost on their tickers. In the back of my mind I thought I'd probably never get that far but I so desperately wanted to succeed the way these other people on MFP had. If there are other people in this world, including many who have a lot more to overcome than I ever did, who can suck up their self pity, get with it, and succeed in their quest to become healthy then I have no good excuse not to follow suit. :smile:

    At the gym today, I watched a guy on TV who was missing both legs from the knee down succeed in completing a triathlon. Made my mind's stupid internal "This is hard" whining about doing intervals on the elliptical seem so petty. Talk about inspiration...
  • dj_stevie_c
    You look STUNNING.

    Keep up the hard work and you'll get to where you want to be, but congratulations for what you've achieved so far!
  • Dreaj79
    Dreaj79 Posts: 212
    You look amazing! Love the darker hair! Keep up the good work!
  • justahorsen
    congrats on your efforts so far, and you can do the rest of the journey!!!!
  • wolf23
    wolf23 Posts: 4,182 Member
    You are truely inspiring and not just to those who need to lose a lot of weight. I enjoy reading your posts and tracking your progress because you tell it like it is (no candy coating) and I can see the transformation both inside and out in both your pictures and your posts. Keep up the great work. Love your darker hair BTW :flowerforyou:
  • jnoegrah
    jnoegrah Posts: 119 Member
    great job!
  • zenzoes
    zenzoes Posts: 187
    You look fabulous, and so happy! way to go sexy girl! :)
  • cris20056
    cris20056 Posts: 1,355 Member
    All I have to say is never stop amazing me!

  • abbychelle07
    abbychelle07 Posts: 656 Member
    You look younger. Your neck and arms are so different! You go girl!
  • mama050709
    mama050709 Posts: 100
  • thickntired
    thickntired Posts: 76 Member
    Wow you look so different! You look like two different people. In your current picture you have a healthy glow. You should be so proud of yourself. Kudos to you! :smile:
  • scrappymel
    scrappymel Posts: 107 Member
    congratS! you look great!!!
  • ppennington
    way to go! You look fabulous!
  • hels4397
    hels4397 Posts: 100 Member
    First of all CONGRATS! You did such an awesome job! You should be SO PROUD!!! :flowerforyou:

    My best friend and I have this conversation all the time. We both have pictures from before (last summer for me, last winter for her)...and we look at those occasionally to see progress and comment on how much we've changed..Even looking pictures from only a few months ago, we see lots of change. We're both looking and feeling awesome (she's lost over 40lbs, I'm down 32lbs), and you're right, we're smiling much more and actually in pictures instead of behind the camera!
  • mikioi
    mikioi Posts: 86 Member
    You look beautiful! Keep up the good work :)
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