What HRM does everyone use?


I am rather new to this whole fitness thing. Being mostly driven by my need to keep my T2 diabetes in check, but also being tired of being fat. lol

I've lost 40 pounds (Goal weight is still 25 pounds away) so far by working out, but am now starting to get serious about taking my fitness to the next level. I've started calorie counting with a modified diet as well as working out on a very regular schedule (4-5 times a week). However, it's next to impossible to estimate calories burned during strength training.

With that in mind, I am looking for a HRM that is preferrably strap free yet reasonably accurate. Any help would greatly be appreciated! :)




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    I love my POlar watch, but it does have a chest strap! I love it for when I do strength training so I can keep my heart rate monitored and it tells calories burned, I have the FT70.
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    Welcome! I think you'll find the general consensus is that the HRMs with chest straps give the most accurate readings. I have a Polar FT7. I'm not in love with the bulkiness of the watch but that's the only negative I have found. It does take a bit to figure out how to operate it, but I'm also the type who would rather figure things out by trial and error than read the instruction manual. For what its worth, the strap does not bother me at all.
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    I'd like to know too, I have a HRM with a chest strap I got on Groupon, but it was pretty cheap so I'm not sure how accurate it is. I'd like to invest in something better eventually.
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    A general consensus that I have seen through out the threads is that the HRMs aren't all that accurate for lifting. There is a wide debate about how to estimate the calories burned.

    However, with that said, I did find an article out on livestrong.com regarding this issue, and I have used their calculations for the days I lift. Here's the link:


    Very little math (good for me - I usually can't find my math skills in the same building most days ::grins::)

    Hope this helps!

    PS: I have a strapless HRM, and find it to be wildly crazy on most calorie burns unless I wear it over my belt as a pedometer only. Expensive mistake. It's a Mio something, and even when I wear it as a watch, it is an expensive mistake.
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    Thanks for all of the information and replies!
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    I also have a Polar FT7. Like someone else said - it does have a chest strap but it hasn't been an issue.
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