Shins Hurting When I Jog?

I think I'm getting shin splints when I jog or even walk sometimes. I'm not sure though because my research has said that shin splints occur in overactive runners/joggers/walkers. I have been very underactive for a long time now, and I am just over the last 4 months getting active again. Now that it's nice out, I've been jogging a lot more, and every single time I end up with a sharp pain in my shins. The left side is affected more. Sometimes I can jog through it and it starts feeling better, sometimes it gets so bad I have to stop. I stretch well before jogging and I am well hydrated before I start and I bring a water bottle to stay hydrated during. Also, the more active I am, the worse the pain gets and the more often.

Does anyone have any insight on why this is happening and what I can do to stop it??


  • Tctr
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    When I first started jogging (first couple weeks of C25K) I would get insane shin splints half way thru the routine. Everyone I talked to told me pretty much the same thing --- it's VERY common for beginner runners. From one of my karate instructors --- make sure you stretch your calf muscles plenty after all workouts to help minimize near-future shin splints.

    Also been told to take shorter/lighter strides.

    That's just my own experience. I'm still just a beginner when it comes to jogging.

    I don't get them any longer and it's such a relief.
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    If you are running on the road, try running on the edge of the grass for awhile...or a track if you have access to one. The softer surfaces will help.
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    What type of shoes are you wearing? If there is a running specialty store in your area, go there and get fitted for shoes specific to your gait. Otherwise, stretch and hydrate. This should help alleviate the problem.
  • Cp731
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    Compression Leg Sleeves. D!ck's Sporting Goods sells them.
    Dr. Sholl's sells Active Series Insoles
    Foam Rollers

    I said b4 I wanted to invent something that messages are shins while we jog or run.
    The Compression Leg Sleeves are great when used in combination w/the foam rollers
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    Be sure you have good running shoes and replace them every 200-300 miles. I started running about 18 months ago and my shins were hurting, too. New shoes helped greatly. Also, don't depend on the appearance of the shoes to determine if the shoes need to be replaced. My shoes look pretty good at 300 miles, but the foam in the sole of the shoe is usually wore out. When my shins start to hurt, I get new shoes. Find a store that specializes in running and they will probably be able to help you out.
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    Check with your doctor he will be able to tell you for sure or refer you to someone who can. If you are experiencing pain it is very important to check with your doctor. You don't want to do irreversible damage. I have to wear a cast two months because I put to much strain on my wrists. At the time I didn't think about it I just wanted to burn calories, I just didn't know.
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    are you landing on your toes or rolling through your feet? I had a PT look at my leg...
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    When I first started being active again I had this problem too. It would bring me to tears. What a lot of the posters have said, you can't beat a GOOD pair of shoes. A lot of sporting good stores can be helpful in finding the right shoe for you, I wish you luck.......:flowerforyou:
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    Thank you for the responses! I think I may need to get new shoes. I've had my current pair for about 4 months now and I wear them at least 4 times a week. I'm also hoping that part of the reason is that I'm just getting back to being active. If things don't improve with new shoes and another month of steady jogging, I'll probably make an appointment with my doctor.

    Oh and as far as running surface, we have walking/jogging trails near my house that are just normal terraform. No paving, so I think my running surface is okay.
  • Chieflrg
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    More than likely one of the following things.

    Your landing on your heal first, very likely. youtube: correct running form.

    Your shoes are either old or not correct for your feet or the surface your running on. Get fitted for proper running shoes.

    Your overweight and you are pushing too hard. Find a pace that you think is slow, then run slower than that. No shame in walking more than running at first. Idea is to get your body use to the miles of pounding.

    Your toes might be pointed out. Youtube correct running form