Really WHY

Okay, So i have to vent for a second...I run some errands on my lunch break....and well I make the horrible decision....and stop at McDonalds ;( 10 chicken nuggets and fries with a dr pepper. HOWEVER i threw the dr pepper out...but WHY OH WHY DID I GIVE IN TO OH LOOK I CAN EAT MC DONALDS> this weekend is a family reunion..I will have to force myself to avoid tempting situations....What if they don't have wise choices? I guess To answer my own question...I eat but not a whole lot of whatever choices they have!


  • ellaloveslove
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    Try not to stress, you can do it! Everyone slips up sometimes, don't worry about today. Plus you didn't drink the Dr. Pepper :)
    Good luck this weekend, be happy to see your family, not worried about the food. You can do it!
  • Angila
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    Ok so lets count that as your cheat meal! And this weekend at the reunion eat meat if grilled, lots of vegs and fruit and you'll be good!
  • sfhudgens
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    Thanks guys :)
  • It happens. Keep clean over the weekend and you won't even remember the McD's come Monday
  • missshyeviolett
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    Eh, some nuggets and fries aren't the worst thing in the world. When I do this I just make sure to stay under my maintenance, I figure as long as I'm not gaining, no big deal.
  • joy492
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    Don't let this little diversion get you down - - look at your accomplishments since starting your weight loss journey and continue going forward.

    Much success!