Why am I more thirsty when I drink more water?

I never drink enough water. I know this and my doctors tell me that. It seems like on days when I do drink a lot of water (which is usually because I forced myself), I get even more thirsty! Why is that?? I feel like I can stop drinking enough water today when I'm almost never thirsty! Am I going to have a big ole bloated belly of water weight tomorrow?


  • ellaloveslove
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    On days when you aren't drinking water or are dehydrated do you feel like you are hungry often? Sometimes when we are in fact thirsty our body tells us that we are hungry (whether we are or are not) because we respond quicker to hunger ques than to thirst ques. Maybe by drinking more water or drinking lots of water your body is just stoked to be getting hydration so it's telling you that you're thirsty to keep it coming?

    Just a thought, could be totally off. Also, personally, when I'm dehydrated or if I don't drink water then start drinking it again more regularly my lips tend to dry out a bit at first, maybe that's part of what you're experiencing?

    Either way, I'd say if you feel thirsty then keep at it, I would think that unless there are some underlying health conditions your body will sort itself out :) If not after a few weeks I would maybe check with your doctor. Unquenchable thirst can be a sign of diabetes I believe.
  • jennifershoo
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    Are you diabetic?
  • MyChocolateDiet
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    Then don't drink water.
  • Cp731
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    Its your bodies way of telling you how deprived its been and essentially its way of thanking you by requesting more.