Where do you all come from :)



  • NewCaddy
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    well it's a long story involving a case of cheap beer and a long winter night...... oh.. sorry, you meant currently. Originally from Sisseton South Dakota and live in Sioux Falls South Dakota, don't worry if you never heard of it.

    I've heard of both. :smile:

    Grew up on a farm near Braddock ND (current population 21), was in Sioux Falls for years and now live in Bismarck, ND.
  • Sherbog
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    Native Oregonian.....GO DUCKS!

  • Portland, OR :)
  • SarahBeth0625
    SarahBeth0625 Posts: 685 Member

    Right on the border. ;)
  • mahanaibu
    mahanaibu Posts: 505 Member
    Klamath Falls, Oregon :flowerforyou:

    oh, such beautiful country!!!
  • bregalad5
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    I'm from a small town between Buffalo and Rochester, NY. I currently live in Charlottesville, VA. As long as paperwork and visa things go through, I'm moving to Moscow, Russia in August.
  • mahanaibu
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    Laguna Beach--the Real OC (as MTV used to say--but really it's not)
  • gcesbr
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    :smile: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
  • Girliy
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    Hastings - New Zealand :)
  • trudijoy
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    i'm a k1w1, from the land of the long white cloud I come... (or for those of you NOT in my country in the 80's, I'm a kiwi, so I'm from New Zealand")
  • mlfrailing
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    Milwaukee, WI
  • Hayley_2012
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    Liverpool, England :o)
  • supadeliux
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    France ^^
  • donnajcruz
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    Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands, in the western Pacific
  • Bing30
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    East Kilbride (a town just outside Glasgow) Scotland.
  • Norwich in the east of England
  • overs5
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    lake district..cumbria..england
  • DMicheleC
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    Hi from Altrincham just outside Manchester, England
  • scoobsmum
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    Also Manchester, England :)
  • Sylvitryinghard
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