Week by week! Going veggie and no more fizzy drinks.

I am 5'5ft and weigh 163lbs.

I ultimately want to be around 126lbs but I also want to be healthy, as last time I lost weight and got down to 126 I basically starved myself.

So I am challenging myself to a week of eating no meat and no fizzy drinks! It's a small start but hopefully it's going to help me in the long run.

I just need the motivation and the determination to stick to it. I am tired of yo-yo dieting and being so happy to lose weight then putting it all back on again. Any advice to stick to it?


  • neanderthin
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    My advice would be to leave the animal protein and the fizzy drinks in your diet.
  • Mere_Dith
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    It takes a lot a preparation of meals to stick with switching to a vegetarian diet at first. I would say if you have extra time on a specific day make a big batch of something and have leftovers as meals throughout the week. I usually go to the supermarket and buy whatever veggies are on sale, plus some veggie stock and onions and garlic and make a nice vegetable soup. Also if you're going to do big salads you can save some time by cutting up some of the veggies before hand and leaving them in Tupperware (i do this with cucumbers, bell peppers, celery, mushrooms etc.) Also, beans are your friends, but if you're using canned ones rinse them very well and drink lots of water to balance out the extra fiber. Good luck!
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    I lost all my weight eating meat and drinking 5+ cans of diet soda every day. It made losing weight much more enjoyable :)
  • I was a vegetarian for nearly a decade. (went back to meat and gained a ton of weight.)

    Planning is the key. Research meals on line before shopping. You can get bored pretty easily so switch up what your eating every week.

    Beans are a great way to add protein and feel fuller longer.

    Stick with whole grain rice and pasta. But watch the carbs.

    Don't be afraid to experiment. Tofu may look unappetizing but, when prepared well, can be pretty good.

    I went back to eating mostly veggie myself and happy that I did. Good luck!
  • Carol_L
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    Not certain why you're dropping meat, since good protein and fat sources help keep you feeling satiated and less prone to over eating.

    You mention nothing about a workout plan either. Are you just trying to do this by dieting alone? While it's possible you won't like what it will do to your body composition.

    You're asking for advice, so here it is:

    1. Find out what your current lean muscle mass is. Get hold of a some kind of body fat measurement and plug it in to an equation to find out how much of you is fat and how much is the rest of the stuff. (Current Weight) - (Current Weight x Body Fat %).

    2. Figure out what Body Fat % you'd like to be at - there are some good photo comparisons on the web showing various bodies at different percentages.

    3. Take the information you now have and calculate your target weight - note, it might not be the number that you're currently fixated on.

    4. Base your caloric intake on your target body weight and figure out your macros accordingly. A starting point is usually grams of protein equal to your target body weight, fats around .5g per lb, and the balance in carbs. This is a very rough guide, and since bodies are rather individual things you will have to tweak according to how you respond.

    5. Don't cut out food groups wholesale under the mistaken impression that (X) makes you fat.

    6. Track what you eat.

    7. Set up a workout program and stick with it.
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    You don't need to cut out meat and fizzy drinks to lose weight. You can and will lose weight while including both of those things in your diet with proper calorie control.

    Being a vegetarian doesn't mean you will be healthy. It can be a very healthy diet but so can a diet that includes meat and things like pop.

    Track your calories... exercise... get your water in and you will lose weight.