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Im 5ft 5 inches and weight 135 pounds. Before i met my boyfriend i weighed 122 pounds. We go out to eat alot with his parents and stuff and i know thats why i have gained weight. I want to stop and go back to weighing 120 pounds but what do i do when we go out to eat? What should i order or look for?


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    If you go to a chain, you can usually find their menu items either in the MFP database or online, so you can look up what you are thinking of ordering and make sure it is within your goals (either before going out, or with your smartphone). If it is a smaller restaurant and no calorie information is online, you can search the MFP database for similar foods and choose the higher calorie choices to (hopefully) avoid underestimating.

    Baked fish, green salads with light dressing (or no dressing), and entrees without sauces tend to be lower calorie (but that can really differ on a per-restaurant basis).
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    I'll second the advance prep by looking up calories on line. That way you have a plan in place so you won't make spontaneous bad choices.
  • Try ordering an appetizer instead of an entrée. I know I normally can't eat all of an entrée unless I am suuppper hungry, so an appetizer is just right! But if you feel like this won't be enough food, try to order something with fresh veggies. And if you go to a burger joint or someplace greasy, ask if you can have a side of salad instead of fries. Most places will do this for you. :)
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    Poached or grilled salmon. Shrimp cocktail (leave most of the seafood sauce in the dish).
    Big salad with nonsweet dressing on the side (Asian dressings usually sweet, ditto honey mustard dressing).
    Big salad with lean steak slices on top, dressing on the side.
    I don't have the complimentary bread. Also order sandwiches on lettuce, not bread.
    Have side salad of lettuce or fruit instead of fries or other potato dishes.
    Have broccoli, zucchini, or spaghetti squash instead of pasta when ordering a pasta dish (many restaurants have a low-carb alternative to the pasta).
    If you're not uncomfortable doing it, ask for a container for your leftovers--ask when the food is served so you can put half of it into the box immediately, before you even begin eating.
    If you know the restaurant ahead of time, research their nutritional information in those Eat This, Not That (or similar) books, so you know what to order ahead of time.
    Always ask that your steak and vegetables not have butter melted on top before serving; most restaurants put a pat of butter on steak--you never see it and may not even know it's there.
    For pasta dishes, ask that they not drizzle olive oil on top before serving the dish.
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    Eat a small snack before you go out to eat, and then order something small, like soup and salad or something like that. And, do not order dessert!!! All of the other suggestions are good as well. Anything grilled or baked will be better than fried, or sauteed. Any planning ahead would be good, and even track it ahead of time. Also, make sure you order first. This way, you won't be tempted by "what he's having".
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    This is what I try to do when I go out to eat. It's hard, but it's gotten easier. They key is to look at the menu ahead of time, if possible. That way you won't be too surprised at what they have to offer, and you can spend more time trying to figure out what you may want. Get condiments on the side. Substitute rice for veggies. Avoid anything fried. Try to aim for a protein and veggies and limit the carbs (bread/rice/pasta). And even if you get the carbs, you don't need to eat it all. If you're worried about eating too much, you can try to drink a lot of water to help fill you up.

    I used to get whatever I feel like, but now i look at how the food is prepared, what comes with it and how they are prepared. If there is calorie information I'll use that to help me make my decision and see if it will fit within my calorie goal. Finally, if I feel like indulging, I'll do so for a small part of my meal, not the whole meal.

    And like others have stated, feel free to get appetizers.
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    maybe avoid super fatty stuff, but, besides that, get what you want.. If its a large serving, take some home. I see no reason to try and eat salad or soup. Share a desert and get the vegetable for the side (if offered). Dont order a bunch of deep fried stuff... Its not what you eat so much as how much of it you eat.

    Oh... and dont stuff your face with bread covered in butter or drink a bunch of soda... that alone will cut like 1000 calories off a meal..
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    I agree with all above. However I don't really go to a lot of chain restaurants and most smaller places don't offer nutritional info, so it can be harder. I just ask for a take-home box right after they bring my food & put half in it right away. I find that if I eat slowly I'm full after the first half anyway. Also I don't eat bread, etc. If I get a veggie burger I ask for it without the bun, or I'll get a burrito/wrap & just eat the filling.On my salads I get dressing on the side & I barely "dip" the lettuce into the dressing instead of pouring the dressing over the salad. Best of luck in meeting your goals!