Over 45 and Looking For Inspiration


I'm new here and just starting on my weightloss journey. I'm looking for anyone who has more than 50 pounds to lose who'd like to share inspiration and support.



  • harley1968
    harley1968 Posts: 218 Member
    Hello and welcome to MFP...this is a good site for advice and tips...I have about 35lb's to lose...I have sent you a friends request :smile:
  • operavagabond
    operavagabond Posts: 84 Member
    Welcome! I've been with MFP for about 2 years, but I've really needed some inspiration lately. Friend request sent!
  • Giraffe33991
    Giraffe33991 Posts: 434 Member
    Hi & welcome!

    I am a 47 year old woman. I've lost 84 pounds since changing my lifestyle in 2011. ( I have just reset my ticker as I am focusing on my last 20 pounds and didn't want to keep thinking how great I did, I want to keep working towards my new goal. Weird, I know but it keeps me motivated to keep setting new goals.)

    When I started I was an unemployed single mom on a strict budget. So I lost all that weight the old fashioned way - eating real food and exercising. It can be done if you are willing to commit to a healthier lifestyle!

    Send me a friend request if you would like. I'd be happy to be your cheerleader/mentor to keep you focused! You can do it!!!!!!

  • bellahopo
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    Hi there, I've got a lot of weight to lose(6 stone) so i'l be your new FP on her so ad me as a friend and we can give each other the help andsupport we need in our weight loss journey : 0 )