What strength training/Lifting Program do YOU use?!

Looking for some input! I like to switch it up so I don't get bored. I have been working out for about 4 weeks now, started Jamie Easonm's LiveFit this week.

I have heard though, that full body lifting plans can be better? Anyone want to share what they use? I am looking to drop at least 50 pounds of fat, and get some strong, lean muscle- overall, drop about 5 pants sizes- UGH!

ps- 27 year old female, so female input appreciated! love lifting, just want to learn more about it and how to be more effective with it


  • ahviendha
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    stronglifts 5x5. i'm a 23 year old female, started last december. 3x a week.

    just a few minutes ago i was admiring my cut physique! oblique ab lines, tight waist, some guns, and clear muscles when I flex my legs.

    i love lifting.
  • mreeves261
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  • hey thanks i will check it out!

    Now since I want to lose fat/build lean muscle, should I be doing cardio intervals weekly too? I have been doing 20-30 minutes of speed/incline treadmill intervals. I know cardio has a lot of health benefits, and I've also heard if you just plain ol' need to lose weight, its best to incorporate cardio in with your lifting too, is that right?
  • JustJennie1
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    I just created my own strength training program because I was getting bored with what we were doing. I did 3 weeks worth of exercises that will be cycled week to week.
  • GIAngel222
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    I purchased the book "Women's Health Big Book of Exercise" for $30. I found the book to be SUPER helpful for women who want to lift!

    I workout 5 days a week:

    Monday Legs & Core + HIIT
    Tuesday: Off
    Wednesday: Back & Core
    Thursday: Legs + HIIT
    Friday: Off
    Saturday: Shoulders & Core + HIIT
    Sunday: Bis, Tris & Chest

    I also do a 10 minute cardio warmup before lifting. I just added HIIT to my routine, 3x's a week. HIIT helps burn fat and not muscle, where as doing too much cardio burns muscle and we don't want that!

    Good Luck!
  • OkieTink
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    I did two rounds of Live Fit, good program...but towards the end it's very time consuming. Today I am doing my workout log sheets for the lift like a man program...I miss running and for now, I'd like to run 3 days a week, lift 3 days. I'll probably get bored with it in a few months and change it up again :)
  • LorinaLynn
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    I've done stronglifts 5x5 off and on since September.

  • bostonwolf
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    It amazes me how many women do Stronglifts and how completely Mehdi ignores them. He's leaving a ton of money on the table by focusing on men and excluding women.
  • bostonwolf
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    I do a version of Reg Park's old routine. He was one of the original bodybuilders and one of Arnold's idols. His book was also the main source Mehdi used to create Stronglifts 5x5.

  • I started on SL 5x5 a few years back and found it very good and would recommend it for anyone starting out on a strength program , even for the first 3 months , after that i would recommend Wendlers 5 3 1 , similar to 5x5 but has more accessory work built in , check out www.ironstrong.org for no nonsence help and advice on strenght training .
  • cwolfman13
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    I started with Starting Strength...made some really awesome linear strength gains for months. I finally got to the point though where I was having a great deal of difficulty recovering from squatting heavy 3x weekly...I couldn't really do anything else either like run or whatever which got a little annoying because I want to be strong, yes...but also fit in other aspects as well.

    I'm currently doing 5/3/1 which is pretty awesome. I like the fact that it's a split with just one big compound lift per session and then assistance work. It's nice in that I can manipulate the assistance work to train for just about anything. Being periodized, it keeps me fresh to also do my 10K training. Right now my assistance work is primarily body weight and high volume with little rest between sets...I'm training for a Goruck and Tough Mudder right now so I need the volume + strength + running endurance.
  • PriceK01
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    I'm doing Starting Strength, and just about through with the 12wk program, lifting every other day (sometimes every three days). I'm loving the changes I'm seeing in such a short time, and can't quit looking/touching my new muscles :D

    Still trying to decide if I want to continue this program for another 12 weeks, or switch to another one. So far, I'm leaning towards continuing with this, since I've been so pleased with the results :)

    Oh, and I'm a 45yo female, ~130lbs and 5'10"
  • Yogi_Carl
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    You Are Your Own Gym, with bar pull-ups thrown in as I don't like door-pullups.
  • Shes1CraftyMama
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    Just started New Rules of Lifting for Women. It focuses on full body lifting rather than spot-training. Have many friends with awesome results with it!!!
  • redstilletto
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    I do Chalean Extreme, nearly done with first month of 90 day program and love it you do 3 days heavy lifting, two days cardio and two days rest.
  • leahartmann
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    Another woman for StrongLifts 5x5 here. Started two and a half month ago, love it. Usually I take some time on the stationary bike afterwards.
  • KatLifter
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    It amazes me how many women do Stronglifts and how completely Mehdi ignores them. He's leaving a ton of money on the table by focusing on men and excluding women.

    Seriously, he is a jerk. I unsubscribed from his email list.
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  • GetSoda
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    I'm currently using Wendler 5/3/1 plus Big But Boring. It's more effective for an intermediate lifter.
    I wouldn't recommend it for a total beginner / someone who is used to things like chalean or p90x.

    but you asked so.

    I really love it so far. In and out of the weight room in about an hour, 4 days a week.

    Really loved the 5 sets of 10 deadlifts @ 135 yesterday. Hoooooah!

    you can get an outline at strstd.com
  • Jennacita
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    Cathe.com, STS 3 month program, XTrain program and she has tons of strength training DVDs.