Are you in your 20's?



  • mkfranco
    mkfranco Posts: 2 Member
    I am 23 and find myself always struggling with my weight. I definitely need some encouragement and support. "Cheers" to hoping this community will be helpful :)
  • Sunshine373
    Sunshine373 Posts: 29 Member
    Hey all! 24 here, almost 25 - 5'7"... 30 lbs to lose. Feel free to add - I give out lots of motivation!
  • brittpugh
    brittpugh Posts: 2
    im 23 && just starting on my goals, would love some1 or mutiple ppl to chat with & help hold me accountable! lol!
  • JDBLY11
    JDBLY11 Posts: 577 Member
    I am 28 and feel so old, probably because I feel like I haven't done much in the last 5 years. I feel like my lifespan is quickly passing and I don't have the body now to enjoy this time of life.
  • JDBLY11
    JDBLY11 Posts: 577 Member
    I'm 22. New mommy. 96 more pounds to loose to get to what I weighed the day I got married! Add me if u want encouragement! :)

    Aww... Such a cute picture of you and your baby.
  • healthieramanda
    healthieramanda Posts: 95 Member
    I'm 25.

    Anyone feel free to add :) I'm always looking for supportive MFP friends!
  • 29
  • UGo143
    UGo143 Posts: 7 Member
    Hey! I'm 20, and I have a long way to go, but that's what this community is for, right?

    Feel free to add me. :)
  • I'm 28.. With a active three year old.. Free to add to me
  • _blizzard_
    _blizzard_ Posts: 40 Member
    I'm 28. I have two kids and am currently 23 weeks pregnant with my third. My goal is to be the size I was when I was 20, by the time I turn 30. :D
  • nrcutie88
    nrcutie88 Posts: 7 Member
    I'm nearly 25 and want so badly to get into shape.
  • kglading
    kglading Posts: 80 Member
    I'm 20, people feel free to add me =)
  • I'm in my mid 20s gained all the weight bout 2 years ago and I want to get this off while I'm still in em!!!
  • Joehenny
    Joehenny Posts: 1,222 Member
  • Cutting4life
    Cutting4life Posts: 505 Member
  • Kris_Caswell
    Kris_Caswell Posts: 7 Member
    will be 23 in a few weeks. add me if you want :)
  • Chrisplayer136
    Chrisplayer136 Posts: 196 Member
    Im 24, feel free to add!
  • basslinewild
    basslinewild Posts: 294 Member
    I'm 21. Feel free to add me
  • cheesyrunner
    cheesyrunner Posts: 84 Member
    20. feel free to add me. i log every day.
  • kiraleilani
    kiraleilani Posts: 124 Member
    27. Feel free to add me :)