I'd love to add friends with similar goals/lifestyle as me. :-)

Height: 5'2"
CW: ~135
GW: ~118

Happily married with 2 kids.


  • lin7604
    lin7604 Posts: 3,019 Member
    you can add me... i am 5.2 ft. started at 142 and now 118. my goal was 115 but can't seem to get there no matter how i try so i am maintaining at 118 since Jan. I started lifting to help lower my body fat as that is more of a concern for me then weight. i am married and have 1 son who is 6.5 now.
  • SakuraRose13
    SakuraRose13 Posts: 621 Member
    4f 10in
    weight 1-1-2013
    Cw : 124
    Gw :110

    Happily married too, with 2 daughters 15 months and turning 3 August 10th.

  • nrcutie88
    nrcutie88 Posts: 7 Member
    Height: 4'11"
    Pregnancy weight: 157
    CW: 132
    Current Goal: 124
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 115
    Age: 24 (two weeks from 25)

    Happily married for 5 years with a 21 month old son. My husband and I want to have a second baby but I am determined to loose my baby weight before trying again!
  • I'll be the tall friend!! It would be a first for me!

    Start weight(pregnancy weight)- 220
    Current weight- 168lbs
    Goal weight- 130-140
    Height- 5'3

    Awesomely married :) with one little man how will be one in July. :D