Resistance Bands

I plan on getting some resistance bands for my workouts at home, but I don't know what kind to get. I would like something that's good but affordable. Does anyone have any suggestions?


  • shutupandlift13
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    If you can explain a little more about what your at home workouts consist of I can make a few recommendations.
  • violetbluemornings
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    I got my set from kohls for around 25 bucks. It came with a ankle piece and a thing to attach it to the door as well. You can get them cheaper for around 15 bucks without the ankle piece. Walmart has them too :) I use mine all the time. Love it!
  • PaliDNAnge
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    I'm not sure yet. I plan on doing Jillian Michaels Body Revolution, and I know I'll need some for that. Currently I'm doing 30 Day Shred and pilates at home, but I would like to incorporate other resistance type exercises that don't require DVDs or going to the gym. I also have mobility/strength issues with my right arm, so I thought bands might be a good option for home. I'm definitely open for any suggestions.
  • shutupandlift13
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    I bought a set when I was doing P90X from BeachBody, they were about $50 total but came with three bands, two sets of handles, and door attachment. They were pretty good quality and probably the type that you will be needing for most DVDs.

    Set I have used:

    I know local stores, like Target and Sports Authority, carry similar packages.
  • Gr8ChangesAhead
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    bought mine on e-bay 4 different bands and multiple accessories for around 25.00
  • GormanGhaste
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    I would like more info on this topic as well, as I'm considering getting some soon.
  • AmandaReimer1
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    Try amazon!
  • chanel1twenty
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    Since you've never really used one, correct me if that's incorrect, I'd suggest getting one at the 'light resistance' level.
    I've only ever used the ones made of rope because I'm allergic to latex and thus have to be really careful with all equipment I get, but I really like my rope bands.

    Like has been said, there are super awesome sets, but you should probably just get one at first to see how into them you are. I've got some buddies that absolutely hate using resistance bands. Not sure why, I love 'em!
  • sugaree1202
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    I bought these a few weeks ago for use with the TurboFire Sculpt, Tone & Core classes. They are durable & easy to switch different bands to the handles or combine 2 or more for more resistance. They come with an ankle strap, door anchor, storage bag & exercise list.
  • Adah_m
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    I got mine for around $10-15 at Walmart, and I got three bands that are interchangeable with the hand holds (gold's gym.) I LOVE them. You can use them for anything and with almost any workout, and my husband uses them too when he practices his martial arts. Very, very worth it, and since I travel for work, they're much more convenient than dumbbells. You can even fold them in half to make them shorter and double the resistance. A good investment for $15 I would say.
  • PaliDNAnge
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    I definitely like the idea of a set or interchangeable cables/ropes/etc so that I can start light and move up. Chanel, I've used them once, and from that I like them because it seems like I can use them anywhere and in small places. They're flexible! (pun intended lol) I'll look into the places people have mentioned. Adah, I love your suggestion about doubling the resistance by folding it in half.
  • alyssa92982
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    I purchased some from power They have held up well
  • I just bought a 11 piece set on Amazon for $16...they look exactly like the one's my son just got and his were $30...Can't wait to get them!