32 year old looking for similar age group for diet help lol



  • mkmerrill
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    Feel free to add me! I am almost 33 and have found losing weight at this age is much more difficult. I have 40 to go and have been on for 3 weeks. My diary is open!
  • jennafer32
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    Anyone feel free to add me!!!
    I'm in my 30's (ok closer to 40!!) and have a life long experience with weight loss (and gain too, hehe)
    I love to excercise but have to push myself to make time. I love eating healthy but love to eat period which makes it a problem because those calories sure do add up quickly! I now have three teens at home that eat like monsters and a husband that eats like all three monsters put together! Trying to eat less around them is pretty hard. I need help staying sane and motivated thru this journey to a better me. My goal is to loose 100 lbs by the big 40! Got three years to go, PLEASE HELP!!!
  • 32 years old here! Been on this "journey" for a few weeks now. I love new friends! Good luck!

  • Meghan0116
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    32 here!
  • lisy28
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    30 been on here over a year now

    gone up gone down the cycle continues but i never give up

    Add me if you like
  • amanda8o
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    32 and total have lost 95lbs thanks to this website,add me if you like :)
  • belle_of_the_bar
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    Hi all! I'm 33 and an avid MFPer. I've been here since August and am on everyday. I've just started lifting about 4 weeks ago, and I enjoy eating pretty healthy. Anyone feel free to add me!
  • mariabraceyrobinson
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    34 yr old. Add me if you like. I see a nutritionist. So I'm happy to dish what she tells me.
  • chikoboo
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    32 here !! feel free to add me, I'm an everyday logger and believe in supporting my MFP friends we are all in this for the same reason to get fit and healthy. Have a long way ahead of me as I'm only in my 4 month =D
  • faithfulheathergirl
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    Hi, I'm 34 and just joined MFP. Please feel free to add me for shared support :)
  • Andrea681
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    32 here and always looking for new friends!
  • allifantastical
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    I'm almost 27. Feel free to add me!!
  • joellemorin
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    i'm 33 and looking for friends as well. I'm an emotional eater and tend to lose track....I need to stay motivated! Add me if you want ^^
  • Beachchic1977
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    Hi, I'm 36 ....my diary is open and I'm happy to help. Good luck.
  • I was here and lost some and left and then life happened. Stress etc and gained it all back and then some! I'm an emotional eater too. Welcome to the best weight loss sight! I wish you all success! I'm older than you but always welcome new MFP friends! I turn the big 40 next march and refuse to do it fat!! I have about 140lbs. to lose and lost a few so far! Feel free to add me! This works when we all work together! :-)

    Cheers Katy
  • seblagg
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    I'm 33 and just started a few weeks ago. Feel free to add me. :)
  • PinkSuede
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    i'm 30 and on the weight loss journey too. Anyone can feel free to add me to help motivate each other and exchange knowledge :) Good luck!
  • swisseler
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    Hi! I'm 30 and would be glad to help!
  • I'm 32 as well, and I just started looking at the forums today, so I don't really have any MFP friends yet either! Anybody feel free to add me as well :smile:
  • carolinetayloruk
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    I'm 31 and my eventual goal is under ten stone (135lbs) I've a smaller goal of losing 15lb by the end of August. So far i've lost 19lb since February. I did regain 4lb as from mid-March until end of April, i had far too many things going on so didn't follow it. Since the 3rd May though i've lost 12lb so i'm hoping the 15 is acheivable. I'm not perfect, i eat way too much junk food and probably drink too much wine! but i have recently gotten into exercise which is whats making the most difference (well i think so)

    Feel free to add me