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About me: 47. Male. Struggled with weight entire life. In junior high and high-school, I was always called fatboy. Lost over 100 pounds when I was 16-17 through running and eating once per day. 15 years later, all the weight was back plus some. At 37, started jogging and weight watchers, and lost over 50 lbs. For the last 10 years, I kept jogging but atleast 25 pounds of it has come back. (I jogged 4 marathons while my BMI was around 28.) Now at 47, I am trying to take control of my awful eating habits. A friend from church recommended shakeology, and I am starting my 3rd week. Someone turned me on to myfitnesspal, and I am striving to improve my eating habits.

Have some idea what I weigh, but even after 3 weeks of closely watching what I eat, I'm afraid to step on scales. (I'm guessing 215-220). Although I've certainly noticed that my pants are fitting much better, so there has been definite progress.

I've jogged (very slowly) over 40 miles each of the last 3 weeks. And I have done a great job knocking out over 50% of my typical snacking. And the snacks I allow myself to eat are now fruits and veggies, sugar free jello & no fat cottage cheese.


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    Just so you know this is my opinion and it is what works for me. Everyone is different and you need to find what works for you. It sounds to me like many of the other people on here you are a yo-yo dieter. I have also tried many fad diets, clean dieting, etc. They don't work for me. The more I told myself I couldn't have something the more I wanted it. I have found on here that if I count my calories and stay within those calories and keep active I lose weight. I eat fast food almost on a regular basis instead of ordering the double cheeseburger or big macs I order the smaller cheeseburgers. I have cut out fries (mainly because it was always a toss up whether you were getting fresh fries or not) and changed to baked potato. This was something I could live with, and I found that is the key. Is what you are eating something you can go the rest of your life doing? Not just until the weight is off. I have hit plateau's and went through and recalculated what my intake should be, which brought me out of it and back to losing weight. I have also cut out granulated sugar and switched to splenda, again something I can live with. Now when I drink sugar in my coffee it tastes gross to me. And since before starting this I would add about 3 Tbsp of sugar to each cup of coffee I saved myself a lot of calories. These are just ideas that work for me. I got tired of the yo-yo dieting and tired of everyone saying you can't eat that it's not healthy. I think with losing 32 lbs so far I have proved to myself that this way can work and doesn't make me feel like I am missing anything. Good luck and I hope this helps, you can friend me if you would like.