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I am very happy with my weight loss, but there are other aspects of my life I am not happy about. I need help on how to be happy and let things just roll off me and not sweat the small stuff as the saying goes. Does anyone have any advise for me.



  • bushidowoman
    bushidowoman Posts: 1,599 Member
    Start studying martial arts. Take up running. Pray. :smile:
    Well, those things work for me, anyway. :wink: For you? I don't know. I think you may have to figure that one out on your own. Good luck to you!
  • sm1zzle
    sm1zzle Posts: 920 Member
    Breathe and Relax.

    Do both when you start stressing. Keep reminding yourself that it is never as bad as it seems.... and that you will find a way through it.
  • yanniejannie
    yanniejannie Posts: 1,090 Member
    Self help books, relaxation tapes, yoga...........
  • PikaKnight
    PikaKnight Posts: 34,971 Member
    Maybe see a counselor?
  • akp4Him
    akp4Him Posts: 227
    Breathe and Relax.

    Do both when you start stressing. Keep reminding yourself that it is never as bad as it seems.... and that you will find a way through it.

    ^^^This^^^ And is a great stress reliever!
  • RoseDarrett
    RoseDarrett Posts: 355 Member
    ^ This.

    Sometimes there's certain things that may need to be talked through or delved into. Counselling can help :)
  • vkc1978
    vkc1978 Posts: 63 Member
    Go to another country and live on nothing for 2 years. I dont know your situation, but it usually takes a certain amount of struggle to turn off the 'give-a-****ter'
  • SheilaG1963
    SheilaG1963 Posts: 298 Member
    Meditation. Yoga. Go sit by a rippling creek or river and think of all the things that make you sad. Write them on a piece of paper and throw it in the water. Visualize them going away. Ok, so I'm Wiccan and do things differently.

    Meditation does work. Self help books. Hypnosis. More friends like us!
  • vkc1978
    vkc1978 Posts: 63 Member
    Btw - GREAT job on the progress! Just looked at your pics and youve done an amazing job :smile:
  • TeachTheGirl
    TeachTheGirl Posts: 2,091 Member
    Work out!

    Even if it's a short walk around the block, get the blood pumping, get out of the house and get happy.
  • HealthyStartsHere
    HealthyStartsHere Posts: 126 Member
    Do you have any hobbies? Do you talk about your problems to your friends or even a therapist? How about keeping a journal. I suggest meditating, I find that is always soothing. Good luck!
  • MyOwnSunshine
    MyOwnSunshine Posts: 1,312 Member
    I keep a very simple nightly journal. It helps to keep me focused on the realities of my life instead of my negative perceptions.

    Every night I record the following:

    What I did today...

    What I felt today...

    What I was grateful for...

    What challenged me...

    How I can change that challenging situation...

    What I savored today...

    Pay particular attention to what you are grateful for and what you savored. Those are the things that make you happy. Do/have more of them.

    The journal I use can be found on Amazon:

    And, as someone else said, counseling helps. A lot. Really.
  • Sandytoes71
    Sandytoes71 Posts: 463 Member
    I pray and it has saved me. I think of all the things I am thankful for.
  • GODfidence
    GODfidence Posts: 249 Member
    Turn to Christ.
    He never leaves or forsakes his own.
    Remember that no matter what you're going through Jesus understands everything.
    He wants us to cast our burdens on him...that is hard to do sometimes.
    The only thing that matters is Christ died for sinners,we weren't left alone nor were
    We created to be. We were created for love,with God,and that love is found in Jesus!
    Heck yea!

    Pm me if you've never heard the gospel or just need someone to talk to.
    I'm here for ya bro!
  • mazzasweet
    mazzasweet Posts: 266 Member
    Can you talk to friends/relatives etc? I know for me, I tend to isolate when depressed - which makes me feel worse. I agree with counseling - it really helps people. I have been there many times. And yes PRAY! Get connected :-) XO
  • cebreisch
    cebreisch Posts: 1,340 Member
    Get the book "Don't sweat the small stuff and it's all small stuff." The very first thing in it is "make peace with imperfection."

    Get a therapist.