What do you eat at the movies?



  • Alexxelizabeth
    The other day I brought in a cinnamon sugar trail mix from Target. I'm doing low carb, so it had nuts, dried fruit, and yogurt covered pieces. It was really hard to not eat a ton, though, and the bag had something like 11 servings in it. You can also do make your own trail mix at Whole Foods Market and there are a lot of healthy options, like dried fruit.
  • MelMoly
    MelMoly Posts: 1,303 Member
    welp count me out.... POPcorn!!!!! this is a sad truth... I have a refill bucket /tub I buy every year in December at cinemark $6.50 each! this year I got both soda and bucket for $12.00... then my refills for the entire year are $3.00 each!! (side note POPcorn is my all time fave food in the entire world!)
  • zrmac804
    zrmac804 Posts: 369 Member
    Stuff I smuggle in:
    light microwave popcorn
    "fun" cereal in a ziplock bag
    baby carrots
    nuts or seeds
    granola bars
    cup of herbal tea
    chewing gum
    mini bottle of wine and a can of beer (only done this once, I was in another city watching the Met opera streaming, and visited the liquor store down the street because intermission was so long)

    Stuff I occasionally buy at the concession stand:
    soft pretzls
    pizza slice
    frozen yogurt
    tea, coffee or diet pop
  • Flyer615
    Flyer615 Posts: 173 Member
    Soup or spaghetti. Sure, they're not as easy to get in there. And, other patrons don't really appreciate the slurping sounds, but oh so yummy. Just kidding. I eat popcorn.
  • missemmapeel
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    I went to my first movie in ages last week. I took with me a container full of the sweetest strawberries with a teaspoon of sugar on top (I like a sweet treat) and a bottle of alcoholic cider. It was the perfect treat for me and killed any kind of a candy craving. Unfortunately, the cider made me a bit tipsy and I lost the plot in the last half hour. Zombies... There were definitely hordes of zombies....
  • gfroniewski
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    At my local Regal they have things called GoPicnic packs you can get with crackers and turkey, hummus and chips etc. I usually get one of those. If I am feeling like a treat or have created a big enough deficit I will get some candy! :))))
  • DCruz83
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    I usually never eat anything at the movies, don't feel the need to, plus it ain't cheap! I hardly go to the movies anyway and last time I had half a bag of popcorn just cause it was free (and I hadn't begun counting calories or anything). If I had to buy something there, perhaps I'd do plain popcorn. Otherwise I'd consider dried fruits, trail mix, or some healthy cereal if you like the crunchy part.
  • ninerbuff
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    I support the theaters. Every movie I attend, I usually buy:

    2 Nathans hot dogs
    Medium popcorn
    Milk duds
    Diet coke

    And that's just for me. Easily 1800 calories for one sitting. But who cares...................my movie experience is always good.:happy:

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  • Jlennhikes
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    Low fat popcorn popped at home with white cheddar flavor sprinkled on it and a small serving of my custom movie mix: red mini Swedish Fish, Good & Plenty, and Hot Tamales :happy:
  • allifantastical
    allifantastical Posts: 946 Member
    I sneak in a diet coke, string cheese, and a 100 calorie pack of chocolate covered pretzels.
  • MzSierra1
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    I don't eat at the movies. When I was a kid, they played 2 shows plus cartoon and intermission. Now it's only one movie. I figure for just sitting through one show, it's not worth it. Calorie or money wise.
  • El_Cunado
    El_Cunado Posts: 359 Member
    Small popcorn w/jalapeno slices & butter.
    Large Coke/Pepsi.
  • SteelySunshine
    SteelySunshine Posts: 1,092 Member
    Smuggled in food usually. Partly cuz I am cheap, but mostly cuz I don't like movie theater food. And it's hard to find stuff that fits my particular needs. I do get hummus and pretzels though because that is something that fits my budget, my particular needs, and they taste pretty good too.
  • Mario_Az
    Mario_Az Posts: 1,331 Member
    i take my own popcorn get skinny pop good stuff
  • SilverLotusGirl
    SilverLotusGirl Posts: 537 Member
    I smuggled in some beef jerky and berries to one movie, and some almonds to another.

    Bring in your own food.
  • CassieReannan
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    I actually fit it into my day and treat myself, bring my own popcorn and drinks.
  • jamiek917
    jamiek917 Posts: 610 Member
    agree with most of the other people on this thread. not paying for that crap (both in terms of being overpriced and every single thing being junk food). i bring my own snacks!
  • AprilRN10
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    I share junior mints with my daughter or I have a pretzel with mustard. I drink coke zero.
  • dlanoux
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    Get a big purse, and smuggle in healthy snacks and bottled water. When you pack your own healthy snacks you can have what you like. I have been known to pack my purse full of healthy goodies.....I usually have to pack a variety of stuff for my husband and three teenage boys. :)
  • GameOfPounds
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    Last time I went to the movies,I ate a small pack of pringles (43 g) and a can of peach flavored iced tea. If I take something bigger I'll eat more..