What's so bad about processed "healthy" foods?



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    Lean cuisine is generally garbage because its full of sodium. Completely void of taste. And have you looked at the size of them? Youd have to eat like 2-3 to be even remotely satisfied.

    And your body smells like the fake cheap garlic powder all day especially in the ummmm bathroom if you know what i mean. And yes you do have to eat 2-3 to feel like you've eaten anything.

    I notice that food eaten out often has high sodium. i.e. Jersey Mike's subs. I purchased a turkey sub, regular size, i thought it was a decent choice. However, the MFP says it had about 2,200 grams of sodium. Wow! Also other food out does that too. I notice it has an effect on my weight loss. So even "healthy" choices seem to do me in. :(

    Processed food is generally thought of - even at the grocery store - the food in the middle of the store rather than the perimiter (meaning it is better to buy food along the edges of the store rather than the pre-made food that you find on the shelves (the cans of food, etc.) i mean it is better to buy from the fruits, vegetables, fresh meats, and dairy rather than the tv dinners, cans of meals, packaged stuff, etc.
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    The biggest thing, in my understanding, is the fact that processed foods have to have so many extra ingredients just to preserve them until you can eat it. If you make the same food at home you don't need all those preservatives.
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    I try not to be sanctimonious about processed foods; I know I eat fewer than most people do, but I do eat them. A favorite easy dinner on a fast day (I do 5:2) is canned noodle soup with lots of sauteed veggies and a dash of hot sauce. It's better when I make the same dish starting with DH's homemade broth but sometimes we're out of it.

    In general, processed food tend to strip out all the good stuff and then they attempt to add it back in via unpronounceable chemicals ("enriched" wheat flour, for example). I laughed out loud at the Pop-Tarts ingredient list!

    I guess it comes down to what you do and don't find acceptable. Some people have to watch sodium and most processed foods are deadly for that. My own gripe is with high-fructose corn syrup. I just don't trust it and if it's in the ingredient label, back to the shelf it goes. In many cases, the processed foods just don't taste right to me- they leave a greasy residue in my mouth or have a funny chemical aftertaste. It's easy for me to pass up bakery goods in the grocery store because of that- they look pretty but they just aren't going to taste as good as they look.

    Yesterday I ran across a perfect example of what happens when they try to add "healthy" ingredients to processed foods- a dry granola cereal with Greek yogurt. How do they do it? It's dehydrated yogurt, of course, "heat-treated after culturing". Translation: they just killed all the bacteria that make yogurt healthy.
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    I think everyone here has the right idea. Eat as naturally as possible without going to extremes and causing yourself stress over it. I don't always want to cook, so I buy organic/Kashi/Amy's, etc., type frozen meals. Mostly, I make my own, though. If I make spaghetti (organic ingredients and ww/pasta), I will freeze measured portions for a quick meal at a later time. This keeps me from getting sick of eating the same thing for 5 days in a row (it's usually just me eating what I cook). But the bottom line is no food will kill you in moderation.

    Find what works best for you and don't be afraid to modify as needed/desired. Keep up the good work!


    Second this!
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    LOL i have one word....

    HORSEMEAT! :laugh:

    LMAO! Yep, it's made me never want to eat anything beef related and processed.

    To those who don't know there has been a bit of a scandal finding horse meat in certain beef products.

    I'm aware of that, but there's nothing actually wrong with horse meat. Westerners have a bit of an "ick" factor about it, and clearly consumers weren't told it was horse meat, but horse meat is fine.

    This is how it was explained to me...
    The only problem with horsemeat in a US-american diet is that horses in the US can be given medicines and supplements that make them unfit for human consumption.

    Personally, I do not like horsemeat. It tastes too sweet for my palate. But then, I have a similar "ick" factor for most meats if I think about the animal's living conditions and manner of death too long... or drive past a Tyson chicken farm! :sick:
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    I really enjoy cooking and eating fresh foods, so that's my own first "strike" against processed foods.

    The other thing is that I have a couple of food intolerances I have to be mindful of, and I find it easier to just NOT worry about checking labels and concerning myself with cross contamination and other issues. If I'm doing all the cooking, I know what is in my food.

    I don't care what anyone else eats or doesn't eat-- "eyes on your own plate", as they say.
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    probably the sodium