PB2 powdered peanut butter



  • treesa101
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    its great I used it alone and add a splenda with the water ..... excellent on wasa crackers ........and if you don't use water smash in a banana its all the moisture you will need for an awesome peanut butter banana sanwhich
  • Nimadi486
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    I make the "paste" every day and put it on bananas. Love that stuff. I mix the chocolate PB2 in plain greek yogurt. Try it, it's delicious!
  • jyneefur
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    As most have said, using it in shakes is great. I mix some into my french vanilla shakes when I'm lazy and don't feel like getting out the blender (I mix this easily with a blender ball mixer), just for a yummy peanut butter flavored shake.. or a touch of cocoa powder with it for a chocolate peanut butter shake. If I bring out the blender, I'll add banana. Delicious peanut butter flavoring with less calories and fat.. can't go wrong with that!
  • fitnesspalforlife
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    I haven't seen it in Walmart - is it by the peanut butter or in the diet foods section?
  • 215jenn
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    I actually like it in paste form, but with more water than it calls for. I also love it in greek yogurt :)
  • Yardtigress
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    I love it, in both the regular and chocolate. You can mix it thick or thin, just add more water. I use it thick with celery, thinner with apple slices. I mix it thin with my protein pancakes on the week ends. I don't eat bread so I don't know about sandwiches. The calories are low enough, that I now can have peanut butter again, without starving at another meal. I think 45 calories vs 210 calories is a great exchange.
  • LisaDec1969
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    I searched today both in states and Canada did not find it at ANY of the Walmarts I looked at :(
    It's excellent! I put both in my protein shakes! Walmart now carries it a lot cheaper!

    Walmart in Canada or the States ?
  • craziecritter
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    I have always ordered it directly from Bell Plantation. There a a few places around here that sell it. I will look next time I go to Walmart. PB2 has been a rage on Weight Watchers for years! Got tons of recipes when I was on WW.
  • conniemaxwell5
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    I use it all the time. I mix it according to the directions and eat it with apples or celery. Occasionally I have it on bread. Sometimes I throw a couple of tablespoons into a smoothie. The texture is a little more granular than creamy Jif or Peter Pan, but I would compare it to natural or homemade peanut butter in that respect. For what it saves me in calories and fat it was worth getting used to!

    I find it on the shelf at my local King Soopers (Kroger chain) supermarket.
  • Fragilebird24
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    "I put it in my banana smoothie every morning. Makes me feel like Elvis."

    Hahahahahaha, I better try this stuff then! :laugh:
  • Kamikazeflutterby
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    I searched today both in states and Canada did not find it at ANY of the Walmarts I looked at :(
    It's excellent! I put both in my protein shakes! Walmart now carries it a lot cheaper!

    Walmart in Canada or the States ?

    Be sure to look at the labels. My local walmart carries it, but they're almost constantly out.
  • wlaura88
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    I eat PB2 in smoothies, mixed with Greek yogurt, on bread/fruit, or by itself with a spoon! People always say it tastes bad when reconstituted with water, but I think it tastes great, very similar to natural peanut butter!

    My local Kroger sells it, but is almost always out, so I usually buy it on Amazon! Yay free 2-day shipping!
  • celtbell3
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    I use it and really have found it to be good. Requires just the right mix - think of it as a chemistry experiment and you/'ll do well + you will have the benefits of yummy pb without most of the fat/calorie content!
  • BJPCraig
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    I've used it as a peanut butter and enjoyed it (although I usually use almond butter for sandwiches, so I don't do this often). I also mix it into smoothies & oatmeal. One night there was no salad dressing in the house, so I mixed some PB2 with some extra water and dijon mustard and got a pretty decent peanut dressing out of it.

    There's also a bunch of recipes on the Bell Plantation Web site. Although I haven't gotten around to trying them yet, several looked pretty good.
  • BluejayNY
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    I really dislike it. I love PB and its just not even close.

    I don't make smoothies because they do not fill me up.

    I could try it in my greek yogurt but I like it just fine as vanilla and that would just add calories to something I like as is.
  • Acg67
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    FYI: You can make your own full fat powdered pb with a 60:40 ratio of pb to maltodextrin
  • Kamikazeflutterby
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    Has anyone tried pb2 in pancake batter? It sounds so good in theory.
  • Bama56
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    i put pb2 in almost everything i make / eat. protein waffles, smoothies, yogurt...and so on. i kinda have a thing for peanut butter.
  • emAZn
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    in oatmeal with fake-baked apples... so yummy!
  • I find the plain doesn't have much flavor, I like the chocolate. It doesn't taste like nutella though. I like it as a paste on toast.