My 60 Pound Journey (Pic Heavy)

Ashleyxjamie Posts: 223 Member
I'm a 25 year old visual artist, photographer, singer and musician.

I have also been overweight my whole life. I am an emotional eater and I used to mask the stress in my life with food. I gained 90 pounds from age 15 to age 20. I went from 160 pounds at age 15 to almost 250 pounds at age 20. I lost 30 pounds in high school but I did not understand the proper way to do it so I gained it all back.

This is me in highschool:



Fast forward to when I was 19 years old...

My skin is now covered in stretch marks due to the fast weight gain..Size 36 waist jeans in some stores would not go past my knees when I was at my highest weight.. I was miserable.




My 20th birthday (April 2008 - 247lbs):


After breaking up with my high school boyfriend I lost 48 pounds. I weighed 199 pounds at my lowest then and I felt good about myself but I did not lose it properly and I was still wearing size large and size 14...

Myself at age 21 and around 199 pounds (2009)


I then gained back 45 pounds over a couple years due to an abusive boyfriend of 4 years and other factors causing me to be depressed and turning to comfort foods. I wore size large-xl tops, and size 14-16 stretchy pants at my highest weight.. I would turn to food and then feel depressed about eating so much so I would eat more. I was an emotional wreck. I used to easily eat 4 mcdoubles in a night after having three large meals earlier that day. I was suffering from knee pain, asthma, fatigue.. etc.

In November 2011 at the age of 23 I hopped on a scale one evening after getting the courage, just to see if I still weighed what I used to after losing the 48 pounds a few years back. I realized as I saw the scale creep up to 244 pounds something had to change.

November 2011 (244 pounds):


Once January 14th/ 2012 came along I started dieting at 232 pounds.


I joined MFP march 1st 2012 weighing in at 219. I would count calories very strictly, and work out on my Tony Little Gazelle between 1-2 hours a day, every day until the weight melted off. I broke up with my abusive boyfriend in may of 2012. By June 2012 I had reached about 185 pounds.

I started seeing a guy in August of 2012 and my weight went up to 196 pounds... I went through another nasty breakup last Christmas of 2012 and stopped eating for three days and ended up going down to 184 pounds. After getting past this breakup my weight went back up to 196 pounds.

January 2013 (196-200 pounds):


Fast forward a few months:

Currently I am with the most wonderful man I could ask for. We have been together since Feb. 2013. I started dieting with him when I stepped on the scale and saw my weight still at 196 pounds. We joined a gym together and workout 3-5X a week. My first goal weight is to be at 177 pounds and then I am going to reassess and maybe try to reach 165-170 pounds. That is at least 70 pounds from my heaviest weight ever and the smallest I have been since I was 16 years old!!! This may still seem heavy to some people but I am almost 5'8" tall and very shapely with thick legs and hips and a large chest. I am an hourglass/slightly pear shaped!

Here is a photo from April 2013 weighing 196 pounds:


And FINALLY, some RECENT pictures of me at currently 187 pounds!!!!! (60 pounds from my highest weight ever):


College grad!!!




Now I am currently completing c25k!! I can finally run! I am the smallest I have been in a very long time! This is honestly one of the greatest feelings.

Feel free to add me if you managed to read all of this :flowerforyou:


  • tammytee93
    tammytee93 Posts: 50 Member
    Very Good for you for keep trying. You are doing just fine. Good Job!!!
  • woodwardtm
    woodwardtm Posts: 361 Member
    You look great! I am glad you have found someone that is willing to exercise with you! Congrats!
  • SisterhoodoftheShrinkingPants
    you look beautiful! Keep up the GREAT work and BE PROUD of all you have accomplished!
  • SkinnyMsFitness
    SkinnyMsFitness Posts: 389 Member
    Well, I won't add you since we're already Thanks for sharing your amazing journey! I'm happy that you're happy today! Just keep working it girl and use any emotions to fuel your workouts...that's what I've been doing and it works wonderfully! Exercise makes you FEEL waaaaaay better than any food could. I used to me an emotional eater. Well, I guess I can fall of track time-to-time (for a day), but I get back at it. Keep your mind right! =)

    And I enjoyed the pics. I like pics better than all-worded stories anyways. Hope all is well.
  • billsica
    billsica Posts: 4,741 Member
    Rock on!!
  • _quirky_girl_
    _quirky_girl_ Posts: 27 Member
    Thank you for sharing your story! You look great. I'm 5'8 as well and currently 177--I wish I looked as good as you do now!
  • mdepko
    mdepko Posts: 283 Member
    Congratulations!!!! Great story, you look great! Keep it up!
  • brillmer
    brillmer Posts: 1,268 Member

    i already commented on your amazing progress the other day, but you are looking absolutely unbelievable so i figure once more cant hurt=)

    keep up the amazing work, you are an inspiration.
  • onedayatatime12
    onedayatatime12 Posts: 577 Member
    You look AMAZING! And so happy :) I'm glad to know that you found a guy who can make you happy and who can support you on this journey :flowerforyou:
  • flirtingwithforty
    flirtingwithforty Posts: 11 Member
    Great work! You are doing fantastic and you look very happy!
  • dwalt15110
    dwalt15110 Posts: 246 Member
    You look fabulous! Thank heavens you had the courage to rid yourself of the abusive boyfriends. You deserve to be happy. This relationship seems to be a happy one from what I read and together you are doing phenomenal work. Congrats on graduating also.
  • stacyjbaker1010
    stacyjbaker1010 Posts: 161 Member
    Awesome job!
    Very inspiring!
  • msjames1999
    msjames1999 Posts: 528 Member
    Eventhough you have had some struggles, you have done an awesome job!! Congratulations!!
  • Jett_05
    Jett_05 Posts: 95 Member
    I love seeing how your style changed even :-> From young college girl to gorgeous she-warrior! Congrates.
  • itzehoe
    itzehoe Posts: 614 Member
    Excellent life change story - thanks for sharing!

    It is encouraging!
  • snoopycool
    snoopycool Posts: 37
  • llmcconnell
    llmcconnell Posts: 344 Member
    You look healthy and happy, congrats on your successes so far!
  • FractalFae
    FractalFae Posts: 63 Member
    Congrats you look amazing!
  • sammyantics
    sammyantics Posts: 191 Member
    wow. way to go! adding you. :)
  • teamstanish
    teamstanish Posts: 274 Member
    You're beautiful!
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