*SCREAM* I just can't get under 200!

I want to start off by saying that I am POSITIVE that this is mental now. I just don't know how to move past it, and believe me I WANT TO! Fat girl problem #3343- I've lost 43 pounds, and that has put me at 200! Yay right? EXCEPT! Every time I approach 199... I shoot right back up to 203, 202, 201. And it's because the SECOND that scale reads 200, I'm pretty sure some brain demon screams "Noooooooo" because bread becomes my BFF and a cheat day doesn't seem like THAT BAD of an idea and Oh I just don't have time to go running today. Someone help me move past this! I don't understand why I'm sabotaging myself, I want this more than anything but it's like my subconscious is rebelling!


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    I wish I could help. I have been two pounds shy of my first fiftly several times, but blow each time.
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    You are correct, it is mental. 100% mental at this point. My suggestion purely based on my own personal experience (I was never able to get under 190 at one point either) is to track every grain. Just stick to something simple, start with a deficit for one week (I am assuming 2lb/week like I have it set at when I was around 200) and I assure you if you are 200 and do that for a few weeks without weighing yourself you will surprise yourself with 196 or something then be able to get over that hump.

    It always goes back to the food logs. Exercise is something you can mentally say "not today, just too tired" but food is something that is a bit more easily controlled if you are a numbers person like me.

    Edit: good luck, and update us if it works.
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    Maybe everytime you get the urge to eat things like bread, have a note there telling you your target weight?
    Make a promise to yourself that if you take that 1 minute to eat that food then you will have to go walking for half an hour to burn it off?
    After every time you swallow that food, think of the calories that you are eating, it may put you off finishing it!

    Hope this helps! xx
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    I d this too!! As soon as I get close to being under 200 I get constantly hungrier. I was being super strict and stayed at 200 for 5 days:sad:
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    Thank you. I'm starting to think I'm CRAZY. I don't want to be 200 pounds! It seems like I have no control over myself. I'll just think in my head, oh a little ice cream wont hurt... and then it does and I get frustrated. I want to see 198 on that scale so bad... I'm about to get post it nots and write myself mean messages on things I shouldn't indulge in.
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    Time to take a break from the scale, maybe? Monitor and track all your food and exercise, but stay away from the scale for a while. Hopefully then, when you do get back on, it will be a nice surprise and you will be under that magic number. I suspect I'll have to keep this post in mind because I can see that being my problem when I get closer too. I think I'm doing it now - hovering around 240 - but just can't get into that next "10". I know I'm doing it to myself. My goal this week is to exercise, stay within my calories, no treat food (because one treat leads to another for me) and hopefully be under my current magic number of 239 next time I get on that scale.
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    I can relate to your problem 100% cause I am currently struggling with the same mental block. The second I get under 200 I have a mental spastic twitching and next thing you know I'm 201 or 202. Been losing the same 4-6 lbs or longer than I'd care to admit. My personal plan of attack was to do just that: attack.

    In the battle of wits against myself I'm just gonna grit my teeth, dig deep and charge through until 200 is far enough away that I can stop sparring with it. Stay strong, you can push past it :)
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    Tell yourself you will not have ice cream until ...Sunday.

    Or - You are only allowed two servings of bread a day. (for instance) I've broken it down to one serving of bread/pasta/cereal/crackers every other day. Otherwise, I'll have too much. Bread products are really emotionally satisfying and sugary things spike your brain serotonin, so it's natural to want those. But you don't Need Them.

    If you know you have a problem controlling yourself to one serving now and then, maybe stop buying it for a while until you prove to yourself that you really don't need it. There absolutely are some trigger foods for me. I've learned to work them in to my plan, but it took a while.
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    I hear what you are saying but omg 43 lbs lost,that is just fantastic!you will get there stop beating yourself up,thats a super loss,just dont give up on yourself,if you have 43 lbs lost you are not doing anything wrong slow and steady will win the race!!!
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    Just an idea .. limit your cheat day to a cheat meal and focus on making
    a cpl boundaries until you get past your stuck place .. like elliminate
    one cheat option for a tad healthier one? Idk what you think of as cheat ..
    but if you completely surprise your body that weight might just 'poof'.
    I was there and it was a hard line to pass but just keep focused. ;)
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    I'm assuming that you have mini goals leading up to the ultimate number of pounds you'd like to lose. I would get rid of all the snacks in your house that leads to your overeating episodes, and when you reach one of your mini goals, you can treat your self to a little ice cream (or whatever)....but only buy a single serving size. Nothing larger. This way, you can't open up the container and fill up another bowl.

    Change up your workouts. You don't need to do a whole hour (or whatever) at one time. Even if you can get in 3-4 10 minute workouts, that's better than nothing. When you're watching your fav TV show, get out an exercise mat and get a little workout in as your watching it. If you work, take the stairs instead of the elevator. Park the furthest away from the door whenever you go somewhere.

    Basically, you can fit in a workout in a lot of what you do everyday. But seriously, the first thing is to get rid of all the things that tempt you to overeat until you get those cravings under control.

    Good luck to you!! :flowerforyou:
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    Cut down your cheat meals to every other week or even once a month. And then tell yourself you can do it! Seriously, you have lost a ton of weight so far don't let the stress of that number mean everything. Maybe check the scale a little less often? every other day? once a week? Just keep in up and try not to let the scale say everything. Put it away after you use it.
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    try 5:2 diet. I've been hearing a lot of success on it. I love it so far. Plus there are many health benefits to it. Search it. There was a British documentary done on it. and there are support groups here on MFP. Search 5:2
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    Apparently, my nemesis is 215.......
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    Reaching 200 was probably a huge milestone that you have been aiming for for a long time--now that you are there your motivation is wavering. One way to overcome this is to maybe go on maintenance calories for a couple weeks. Give yourself a break. Be kind to yourself and appreciate how far you have come. Use the time to set a new mini-goal then go for it!
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    I have the same problem. I started at 220 got down to 197 and bam back to 205 now im hovering between 200 and 204.. I cant seem to break the 200s and STAY below there. It is very frustrating!!! I dnt think I get the urge to eat when I see 200 but I do get irritated when every week thats the number I see. I work out regularly and try my best to eat good and stay away from the sweets. Good luck to you! WE CAN DO THIS!!!
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    I've been stuck at this point for like 4-5 months now...I got to 200.2 and ever since I've bounced around between 201-210
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    trust me, I have been there. Just keep a positive mental attitude. Sometimes it takes a change in routine to get it moving again. If you do the same exercise all the time, try something different, even if it is less intense. I have reached a time right now that my work out time is very limited. So with way less calories burned, the scale mysteriously started moving again. 4 pounds in one week even. Just be patient.