Nexplanon implant and weight gain

Hi. I just wanted to know if anyone else out there has had the Nexplanon Implant? I had it put in on 26/01//2012 3 weeks ago. Since then I have gained 3lb and it is getting me down so much :sad:

I don’t think I have changed my eating habits but admit I have not done any exercise the last 2 weeks as I hurt my foot so haven’t been able to do any cardio really but I am starting to do little runs again to get me back into it.

Also - not on the weight loss line but still important to me! - My skin is awful. I always had really clear skin I cleanse tone and moisturise daily and always take my makeup off before but it just went so spotty. Ugh!

Has anyone got any experience with this? Will the symptoms settle down? I think it is a great form of contraception and I want to give it a fair try but just wondering how many months should I give it to settle before considering getting it removed.

I know men out there will probably read this and think great ANOTHER post about women’s problems but any opinions will be appreciated

Cheers :heart:


  • limesublime
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    Hey how did Nexplanon work out? I just got it today and then read the side effects can include weight gain (although the studies they cited were ****ty - no real control group). I've taken bc pills for 13 years so I'm super curious about what/if I'll feel different with Nexplanon.
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    I came across your post while searching for reviews about Nexplanon. I got mine put in at the end of June and it was working great for the first two months then it went downhill. I noticed in the beginning of September that I put on weight, a lot, 10+ lbs, I should add that I work out constantly, I do fitness classes about 5 days a week, occasionally 2 back to back and I run. Also I developed acne and just like you I've always had perfectly clear skin aside from the occasional pre-period chin zits which are hormone related. I hate it, I want it out!
  • any recent updates on this?
    I have a great work out routine, had the implant put in 3 months ago, and have gained about 10 pounds! Also, now my face and scalp get super oily and I have to wash my hair EVERY day. I used to be able to go 3 days before having a problem.
    Did it settle down, go away, get better? I need reassurance.
    I love not having a period, but I hate the weight gain and oily side effects.
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    I'm on my second Implanon implant (same premise as Nexplanon) and I haven't had any of the side effects y'all are describing. I had all of those with every other form of BC I've tried (pill, NuvaRing, depo shot), but this has been like my saving grace---and I only have 1-2 light periods a year. Everyone is different, but from what I've been told by my OB you have to give your body a few months to get used to anything. I'm going on 4 1/2 years with Implanon (had it changed out for a new one at 3 years) and I have no complaints!
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    I'm on my second Implanon implant (same premise as Nexplanon) and I haven't had any of the side effects y'all are describing. I had all of those with every other form of BC I've tried (pill, NuvaRing, depo shot), but this has been like my saving grace---and I only have 1-2 light periods a year. Everyone is different, but from what I've been told by my OB you have to give your body a few months to get used to anything. I'm going on 4 1/2 years with Implanon (had it changed out for a new one at 3 years) and I have no complaints!

    My first one was an Implanon & it's effect on me was just like you're describing, but the Nexplanon is just horrible - similar skin, weight & hair issues as these women. I'm considering having it removed now, for my skin more than anything.

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  • I loved Implanon it was like I was not taking any birth control. After I had my daughter I had got it again but changed to Nexplanon very different. I have also gained about 10 lbs I can't seem to loose. My skin is very sensitive only good thing is after a year my period has not come back. I will be removing. Wish they could go back to Implanon!
    I have had it since Feb 2012
  • I have been on nexplanon for 3are so months since sep.4, 2013.
    I absolutely HATE HATE HATE it. I startes my period a week after it was put in and i have been on my period since. It
    Really heavy, and sometimes lite. I will spot on and off bit than ita back to being heavy. It causes bad cramps
    Were i just want to cry. I cant sleep. My weight gane is rediclous i weighted 150 (over weight as it was) than i went to the dr and ot said 180.. i wantes to cry. Almost 30pounds in 3months. Not only that my doctor wouldnt remove it bc it was 500+ dollars? I have medicade so whats it matter? She put me on a pill to help the bleeding stop a it hasnt it's got worse. Im callin in the morning to ae if i can get somebody else to take it out. Hope it helps
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    Hey ladies i have had the nexplanon BC for almost 3 yrs now i have just recently notice
    I have gained weight after trying on a dress for a wedding. I can not wait to have it remove
    as it is now being noticed by my family. All i can say is i haven't gained any more weight betwee
    weighings if this is any help
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    I had my Nexplanon taken out in September after having it for almost a year. I was having all the same side effects: weight gain, bad acne, oily hair and skin, etc. My skin started clearing up within the week I got rid of it and my weight has since been steady. Birth control messes with my systems so much that I've taken a hiatus from using any pill, patch, implant, etc. and my body has never felt more normal!
  • I am soooooo glad i found this!!! I too am an Implanon lover and Nexplanon hater!!!!! I just had my implanon removed and replaced with nexplanon dec17 2013 and was 162.2, i bled from the time it was placed til a week or so ago. My hair is coming out by the stran, and i am 174! I hate it! Im extremely moody, my feelings get hurt over the smallest things and my face looks horrible from acne. The last time i felt this way from bc is when i was on depo! I wouldnt recomend this to anyone!
  • I have had my next plan and sends June 2013. Since then I have gained a total of 90 pounds in less than one year. I'm not sure it's related or not, but if it, I seriously need to get it removed.
  • I got the nexplanon on new years eve 2012 and gained 30 pounds in 5 days. Yeah you read that right 30 POUNDS in 5 days. I plan on getting it taken out ASAP like in the next month because I was told the weight would go away well it didn't my weight hasn't budged at all since I got it. I was told the first year was the hardest it would get better. I have either 2 periods a month or 1 super long period that lasts almost a whole month. I get acne now I've never got acne before getting this thing I get pimples on my face and on my back which is so gross. I have serious mood swings like BAD mood swings, My hair was falling out but luckily that part did stop. I hate it my life has been hell since I got it and I want it gone.
  • snap. yh two periods a month and loads of weight gain- biggest mistake of my life having this in me
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    I have had my nexplanon for a year this may. I have had absolutely none of the problems all of you are talking about. My hair is the same as it was before, my face hasn't broken out whatsoever, and I haven't had an actual period since september. The only downside is right after getting my birth control put in I had extremely severe depression symptoms. I do not have depression, I never have. I am normally an extremely upbeat happy person, so this was an extreme change for me. My GYN gave me a secondary birth control and got that under control (I only had to take if for a month before everything went back to my normal). I feel like nexplanon is the best thing I could have done!
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    I had Implanon in for 2 and a half years and I gained over 14pound! I had it taken out to have my son since then my wonderful husband has kindly had the snip (we have had 3 lovely kids and now have grand kids) so I take nothing now and boy is my body completely different!! I've lost the 14 pound and don't struggle to keep it off. I do regret having it put in :noway:
  • I got mine in July of last year and have gained about 10 lbs... just scheduled an appointment to have it removed. I'd rather take a pill every day than keep gaining weight!
  • I had mine almost a year ago. My skin looks terrible, but I was told to give it time, not much improvement I must say. I am exercising constantly (everyday, classes and every other day I run for at least 4 miles), but gaining weight!

    I have never been this size before, and it is making me feel weird about my relationship to my body, it's almost like its not mine.

    The worst part is the depression. I honestly have no idea what the connection is between the implant and depression, but I know that every now and then, I get so depressed like it is the end of the world, I cry non-stop for hours. It is complicating my relationship with my boyfriend, and in some ways, I feel it is making me a very unhappy person.

    I'm thinking of removing it, and wanted some support or just advice. I have no one to talk to about this and I don't feel comfortable telling my bf either.

    I appreciate any help on this. Thanks.
  • I was nervous about my decision to take the implant out. Thank you for sharing your experience. I think I will go ahead and take out next week.
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    Glad I found this! I too am having the same problems with my skin and weight gain. I, however, have only had 3 periods ( Nov 2012, Dec 2012, Feb 2014) since I had it placed in October 2012. I am thinking about having it removed. My entire life I have had a certain weight that I never went passed however after having the Nexplanon placed, I have gained 32lbs. My hair also sheds a lot!
  • I had mine put in in September 2013 and haven't had any major problems. I can go about 5 days without washing my hair and my skin is the same as before, a few small spots but nothing more. I did have some occasional and quite bad breast pain for a month or two, but the pain only occurred for an hour or so maybe once a week. I still get periods but they're lighter and a bit irregular. I don't mind that at all because it's taken away the cramps I used to get on the first day of my period completely. I have gained weight but I don't blame nexplanon for that, I blame me for eating much more than I used to with no care about it at all. I've lost 9 pounds on here in just over 2 months so it seems to be coming off okay.

    I'm happy with my decision to get the implant and think I'll be keeping it for the three years.