I'm offically under 200 pounds. :3



  • shadow2soul
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    Way to go :) It's an awesome feeling isn't it. I know I was ecstatic when the scale said I was less than 200lbs. Keep up the good work.
  • sophie_wr
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    Happy happy for you girl !!
  • Shellsmiley
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    You go girl!! YOU ROCK!!!
  • __Di__
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    I suppose this should be in the Success Stories section, but I still need a ways to go for me to consider myself a proper "success story", so I thought it might serve as motivation for some.

    After about a year of losing weight, being lazy at times, and plateauing for a couple of months, I finally am under 200 pounds! For me, this is a huge milestone as I have been obese for my whole life, and this is the smallest I have ever been in adulthood. I am almost at my first big goal of a hundred pounds lost, and still need a lot of work to get to my second goal of hitting 150. However, I'm well on my way again, and just thought I'd share this to let you know that if I can do it, anyone can. Don't give up, and keep fighting!

    I don't really have many pictures, but I'll try to find some. :3

    Good luck with you all!

    That is one incredible weightloss, WTG!!!
  • burnooger
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    Congratulations!! This was me not too long ago:) Such a motivation!! Keep up the good work! My goal is also 150. Keep fighting through those plateaus!! Eventually the number goes down:)
  • ChristinaR720
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    Congratulations! Welcome to ONEderland! :)
  • petechiae
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    That's just amazing! I know the feeling, you must be so so so happy. Even though I say and know that numbers do not reflect reality, I had a happy dance when the scale hit the 199 lbs mark.
    I am so proud of you! Keep it up! :>
  • sharii24
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    WOW ... you have done an amazing job so far and should be really proud of yourself :) the hardest part is sticking with the work (trust me I know) you have already done that so with time and continued persistence you will hit your goal
  • leannerae40
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    Ahhhh ONEderland! Sounds fantastic, you must be sooooo proud. Can you imagine picking up 9 bags of potatoes and carrying them around with you everywhere you go? You're amazing, a real motivation to me!

    Congratulations! :flowerforyou:
  • Lalasharni
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    Well done and welcome to "Onederland"
    Keep going!!
  • ReneeKath7
    way to go !! that is awesome! i remember that feeling - right now im stuck around 175 & my goal is 150 as well its so hard to stay focused someimes !! keep it goin !!!!
  • reneeopruitt
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    That's awesome! I am 217 right now (Down from 278), so I am so anxious to get under 200. I was 19 the last time I was under 200. Thanks for sharing !!!!!
  • MarianneC93
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    You're in ONEDERLAND! Ah I'm so jealous. I cannot wait to get there! Well done though! Definitely a huge success. WTG!
  • ttippie2000
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    That's great. Congratulations.
  • itsanatalia
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    Thank you for sharing! Great job, and I look forward to hearing about your next milestone!
  • Mario_Az
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    Good job
  • KimL122
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    That is freaking AWESOME.....post some pics!!!:happy:
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    Congratulations to you!! :) What a fantastic milestone!! :flowerforyou:
  • NBeehler
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    Congratulations!!! Make sure you reward yourself with a silly "happy dance" because this IS such a BIG DEAL!
  • alyhuggan
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    My last weigh in was 199.8, still under 200 though, couldn't have been happier! Way to go though!