Not so new to MFP, but I want more friends to push me!


My name is Kassandra and I've been here for a while, but most of the people who are on my friend list have disappeared from MFP :(. I just started yoga and zumba and I also love to run. If you're motivated, pumped about losing weight or interested in having someone there for support, send me a friend request :)


  • me_monster
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    Girlllll I need some motivation like whoa. I *like* running (when it suits me) but would love to start getting more into the *love* of running! I can give just as much motivation as you like! Let's keep each other accountable. :D
  • Hello !!
    My name is Richa ... i have just joined MFP... and wud like to get motivated by you guys .. i hope i can join in with u guys and reduce weight and reach my goal !!!
  • LaurieJ68
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    I am trying to get more friends too cause the more friends I have, the more support and motivation I have! Add me to your friends list for sure!
  • Amalthea_Rose
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    add me .. I've been on for awhile now and just now starting to make some new friends now that I'm getting more comfortable in the site and my new lifestyle .. anyone can feel free to add me -- we can motivate each other ^_^
  • HollisGrant
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    I log on every day, try to be very supportive, and always welcome new supportive friends. Anyone is welcome to add me. :)
  • Kassandra772
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    That sounds great! Friend request sent :)
  • scrummy92
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    I'm always looking for more motivation as well! Friend request sent! Anyone else - feel free to add me as well :)
  • weightlossforbrian
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    follow me on my youtube and you will be motivated by my videos.
  • debush1
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    I need help too....been here for a couple of years and done nothing but gain....I have had two years of more downs than ups...two job changes...huge loss of income and having a tough time even wanting to get out of bed...

    Exercise is not my issue...I get up before work and do either 30 or 45 minute Turbo Jam videos (I love Chalene), I'm able to walk to work, and love running (approximately 4+ miles) on Saturday and Sunday...I usually take Fridays off.

    My problem is food...has been for 45+ is my enemy, my friend, my confidant, my lover. I fear it. Our relationship is toxic. We have our good days and a lot of bad. I was always told as a child that, "I shouldn't be eating this", or "you can't have that"...what does that instill??? Makes you want it more...I started, by age 7-8 having secret affairs with food. Eating in secret, hiding food in my room, gorging when no one was looking.

    I'm presently working on a theory of accepting food as it is, eating what I want, but trying, DESPERATELY to stop at a serving.

    Help and support would be appreciated!

    Thanx for listening...

  • Amalthea_Rose
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    friends requests sent ^_^