30 day before and after photo challenge, are you in?



  • Krohnie
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    I'd love to be in. I was just considering buying new DVDs for motivation, but maybe they can be a reward for a job well done on this challenge!!!! Just what I needed
  • nazykatz
    nazykatz Posts: 16 Member
    Please add me. The timing is perfect!:bigsmile:
  • SDinAZ
    SDinAZ Posts: 1
    This might be just what I need!! I'm in.
  • Coyotemama
    Coyotemama Posts: 206 Member
    Please add me. I could use a bit more motivation and support. :)
  • cassondra1370
    cassondra1370 Posts: 162 Member
    Yes, I'm in! :happy:
  • I'm in please.
  • shadow2soul
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    Sounds fun. I'm in :drinker:
  • HollisGrant
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    I will be making a 30 day before and after photo challenge. It's an all female group, it's a private group, and it's motivational. You choose whatever workout you want to do and you log in daily or read daily what others are doing. You take your before photo, your measurements, your weight, and post your goal for the next 30 days. And after the thirty days, we post our after photos and see what we can accomplish. I will be posting 3 calendars...one with additional workouts if you want to do those, an ab challenge, and a leg and arm challenge. Those are completely optional! If you want to join, please comment below and I will send you an invite. It will be from July 19 - August 17. I will start adding people into the group on July 12th. thanks!

    Ooohh.... I'm in! would love to do this.
  • kvonjohn
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  • AynzL
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    I would love to take the challenge with everyone!
  • monk3ydo
    monk3ydo Posts: 2 Member
    I am so in.
  • laursed
    laursed Posts: 73 Member
    Would love to join, just the motivationi need!
  • Userlisag
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    I'm in. Thanks!
  • bcjackson888
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    I'm in!
  • adopt321
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    Please add me...
  • laurapgmartinez
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    Me please!
  • texanintokyo
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    Me too please!
  • traceycm1
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    I'm in
  • Aemorrison86
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    Sure sounds great! Im in.
  • sanndandi
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    I'll try it!