website to help track calories burned with exercise videos

mboski2 Posts: 13 Member
I thought I would put this out there for anyone it may help. Its a neat website where you can enter your weight and which DVD you use when exercising and it will tell you the calories burned. I have never compared it to a HRM but it gives a place to start. Anyone with a HRM....can you tell us if these calories quoted are corrected? I am doing the 30DS.



  • Prismapencils
    Thank you so much! This thread is perfect!

    The HRM can only estimate though since we're all different sizes and at different fitness levels. The calorie burns will be different, of course.
  • megsta21
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    Thats a great site! Thank you!

    I have been doing the 30DS too, and have been logging it as "circuit training - general" and that seems pretty close to it. :)
  • Prismapencils
    I feel kinda badly. I recently bought a HRM that calculates calorie burn.
    I did Jillian Michael's new video, Hard Body, which really hurts.
    It said it only burned about 68 calories per 45 minutes. What gives? Maybe because it was more toning than cardio? Idungetit.
    Then, some people say they walk leisurely and burn about 400. I know that we are all different sizes and fitness levels, but I wasn't ASLEEP during the work out. I was sweating and everything hurt in the good, being challenged way.