Not a full success story yet, but I only have one chin



  • tavinsmom
    tavinsmom Posts: 101
    That is a big difference in your face, you look so different!
  • Donald_Dozier_50
    Donald_Dozier_50 Posts: 395 Member
    You are like me in that we both started with a huge number of pounds to lose. You are doing fantastic. I too have a long way to go but if we keep hanging in there and refuse to give up, we will both reach our goals.

    btw... You are a success story. Successes do not have to be a complete reaching of your goal, you are a success with each and every milestone you have set that you reach. You are a success story every single day as long as you are here and working at reaching your goals.

    Like everyone before me has said, you truly are beautiful.
  • msjames1999
    msjames1999 Posts: 528 Member
    Way to go girl!!
  • cfergusontx
    Keep up the good work! You look fabulous! Good job, you look beautiful.
  • verptwerp
    verptwerp Posts: 3,659 Member
    Very pretty, honey ........ keep on truckin' !
  • DaniDC28
    DaniDC28 Posts: 83 Member
    Awesome! You look fab!
  • seamanny
    seamanny Posts: 134 Member
    I love your topic line! You look wonderful, keep up the good work!
  • MarciaAG
    MarciaAG Posts: 4
    you are soooo pretty!! that is the one good thing about taking pics... the proof in is the picture of how you are actually doing!! Rock it girl and dominate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Agreed! Beautiful!

    Totally Agree!!! What a great idea! Sometimes the scales and measuring tape don't tell the whole story!!
  • TBird135
    TBird135 Posts: 43 Member
    Way to go! Congratulations on the loss; you look wonderful!
  • seltzermint555
    seltzermint555 Posts: 10,742 Member
    Awesome! You look gorgeous before and after, but after is movie star quality pretty!

    These kinds of progress reports are what keep me going far more than the photo of "I was 400 lb and now I'm a size 5"
  • DenverGirl93
    DenverGirl93 Posts: 32 Member
    u r gorgeous not only has your faced angled out but you can now see your neck as well. Keep up the good work!
  • Tangerine302
    Tangerine302 Posts: 1,509 Member
    Yeah!!!! Good for you! I noticed your cheek bones too! :)
  • horsebeauti
    horsebeauti Posts: 61 Member
    The title of this post got me tickled. Congratulations! I'll be glad when my neck does resemble the stay puffed marshmallow man.
  • clarkeje1
    clarkeje1 Posts: 1,634 Member
    Love it!
  • ClaudiaBette
    ClaudiaBette Posts: 38 Member
    Good job! I also lost alot in my face first, more than anything. Keep it up!
  • Sparlingo
    Sparlingo Posts: 938 Member
    Goodness you are gorgeous! Great job so far :smile:.
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