Taking sweating to the next level

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I've played a lot of sports in my days. I've played semi-pro football through the summer months, played organized basketball and soccer, even played tennis competitively. I currently spend most of my days lifting here and there and running anywhere between 4 - 15 miles depending on the day (smaller runs during the week and long runs on the weekend, you know, the usual).

But with all the sports I've played or workouts I've done over the last 20 years, absolutely nothing has ever made me sweat like playing goalie when I play hockey. For example, this morning I weighed in at 229. I haven't lifted or run all week so I feel that is a pretty good representation of my weight. I knew I had hockey practice at noon so I ate a decent sized breakfast, 4 Eggo waffles and a glass of OJ. I chased it with a couple of glasses of water cause I knew I'd need that too. I knew the water I drank the night before would not be enough either.

So I played goalie, indoors, on blades, for about 90 minutes. Avg. heart rate was 152, peak heart rate was 227. Even indoors it was hot and I was sweating like crazy. In that 90 minutes I drank a minimum of 80oz of water. It felt like I had a faucet in my mouth. When it was all said and done, I got home and hopped on the scale like I usually do so I can see how much water I need to replace and even after the breakfast and 80oz of water I weighed 226.5, 2.5lbs. down.

So I've eaten a bunch and drank everything I could get a hold of but haven't gotten back on the scale, but I'm sure I'm fine at this point. But it got me wondering, what are some other things that you other MFPs have done that have lead to drastic changes in weight due to water loss???

tl;dr today I sweat a lot, what crazy things have you done and loss a ton of water weight?


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    No ridiculous sweat stories out there?