HRM vs Elliptical recordings

So i just started using my HRM while working out at the gym (on the Elliptical mostly) and the calorie count is way different. Which one should I believe, Im thinking the HRM should be the most accurate but it says im burning fewer calories then what the elliptical says.


  • HellsKells
    HellsKells Posts: 867 Member
    Go with what the HRM says. I waited about a year before I bought my first HRM, and I was grossly overestimating how many calories I was actually burning by going with what the machine told me.

    Someone once told me that the machines are calibrated for men of a certain height and weight range, so even if you put in your weight and height, it's still geared toward how a male will burn those calories. I don't know how true that statement is, but I know the calorie count the machine gave me versus my HRM was about 35% higher than my actual burn (according to HRM).
  • ZyheeMoongazer
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    In the end both are estimates, the HRM is probably the more accurate estimate however.
  • cmcquivey
    cmcquivey Posts: 8
    Thanks for your input..guess I'll just have to work a little bit harder to burn more calories! It was just a little discouraging seeing such a big difference in my calorie burn.