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Why fast food makes you fat



  • delicious_cocktaildelicious_cocktail Member Posts: 5,834 Member Member Posts: 5,834 Member
    E^2=(MC^2)^2 +(PC)^2

    This way you can account for momentum

    This could be made simpler in practice. We need to find the instantaneous rate of additional energy/weight gained by taking the first derivative of your equation.

    f(E)= ((mc^2)^2+((pc)^2)/(E^2))

    f ' (E) = (2 ( (mc^2+pcE^2) - (E(mc^2)^2 + ((pc^2) / 2) / E^4)

    So for any given food and momentum we should be able to find the precise rate of weight gain.
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    This post makes me sad that you aren't on my friend list anymore :smile:
  • alishacupcakealishacupcake Member Posts: 443 Member Member Posts: 443 Member

    How YOU doin'??? LOVIN' that profile pic! :tongue:

    Oh my, that IS a nice profile pic...
  • Showcase_BrodownShowcase_Brodown Member Posts: 919 Member Member Posts: 919 Member
    I wonder if it makes a difference how fast you eat the food. Usually my food disappears at twice the speed of light.
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    But, what if the service is really really slow. Like I woulda gotten it faster if I woulda jumped the counter and made it myself. Cuz this one time it took them over a half an hour to make an order and if I wasn't in the middle of a food desert I woulda left and gotten food somewhere else.
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