"What's Your Secret?"



  • DenverGirl93
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    Very good topic! The 'whats your secret person' use to be me. I wanted to hear that there was some other magic way to lose the weight. I suppose that I am not alone because the diet industry is a billion dollar one - this pill, that diet, etc etc. I have never tried pills but just about every fad diet out there. I always knew what to do..just wanted a shortcut, quick fix. But just like the OP saiid. Eat less, move more. I know how many calories I need in to lose weight, I know how many I need to maintain my weight and I know that if I go overboard one day, cut back the next and lastly it has to be your way of life. :smile:
  • glin23
    glin23 Posts: 460 Member
    I get that question a lot.

    I answer truthfully and get the blank stare.

    One of these days I'm going to tell people I had my jaw wired shut for 2 years. Hmmm, wonder if that would start a new weight loss craze?

    The last paragraph is utterly hilarious. That said your first 2 sentences are what I tell people as well. The way I look at it is, our sociatey is at a point where gluttonly and not listening to our bodies has become the norm. Thusly, we're the ones who are weird, hence the blank stares. I still get glared at if i refuse to help to clean a plate (from a communal dish even if I explain that I'm full. Of course these are the same people who are usually shocked at the number they see on a scale...
  • Project9
    Project9 Posts: 135
    This drives me nuts sometimes. I get that a lot; "what are you doing?" When I tell them "Calories in calories out and lots of exercise, I get a lot of hands up in the air and "pffft, I thought you had an easier way." People don't want to stop eating their large portions of Olive Garden :)

    When I got food poisoning and ended up in the emergency room, that broke me of any habit of going to Olive Garden again.
  • EyeOTS
    EyeOTS Posts: 362 Member
    Yup. I get this all the time.
    There's no real money in 'eat less, move more', so there's no charismatic spokespeople saying it over and over.
  • PlayerHatinDogooder
    PlayerHatinDogooder Posts: 1,018 Member
    I just tell them I track my diet meticulously and train my *** off.

    That usually shuts them up.
  • jwdieter
    jwdieter Posts: 2,582 Member
    Sounds like too much effort. I think I'd rather just buy ketones, a juicer, and a body band. Aww f'k it, my genetics make me fat. Heading to the pub.
  • TrailNurse
    TrailNurse Posts: 359 Member
    I actually have muscles now so it's obvious that I work out. Maybe that's the key.....get so buff that it is apparent that you are doing more than just walking on the treadmill.
  • Dbunny68
    Dbunny68 Posts: 4 Member
    If achieving a healthy weight were simply the mechanics of "calories in < calories out" then none of us would have ever been overweight to begin with, because everyone pretty much knows that. So to scoff at and ridicule people for wanting to know your secret is kind of mean and self-superior. People with weight problems are treated like crap by others - can't we be kind to each other?

    Maybe what they're really searching for is the secret to your inspiration, the secret to changing your mindset, the secret to keeping hope for change alive when change is slow and difficult.

    My biggest "secrets" are three-fold:

    1) Abandon the expectation of perfection. No change happens overnight, no change happens without a few backwards steps, and no one can be perfect all of the time. Therefore, one must arm themselves in advance with emotional tools to handle the days when we go off track, to handle the self-defeating thoughts of, "Why bother - I'll just fail again!" It's OK to not be perfect as long as we keep trying.

    2) Accountability and analysis. Account for every calorie (My Fitness Pal is a godsend for this). Account for every hunger pang and ask yourself the source. Analyze for every craving and see how it ties to feelings. Talk to your goals with your friends so that you will be motivated to live up to your word. Weigh in with someone trustworthy (works for Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig for a reason - I use my doctor for this).

    3) Support from people who have been through it. (Successful people, don't roll your eyes at people asking your "secret" - this is your chance to be supportive!) Whether it's online message boards or in-person, talking to people about their struggles, their helpful hints, their "aha!" moments that helped them recognize and change their behaviors - this is like gold to a person striving to change.

    Weight loss can seem like an insurmountable struggle. There is no harm in asking someone what has worked for them.
  • seltzermint555
    seltzermint555 Posts: 10,742 Member
    I feel ya. No one I know believes me that counting calories (with just a moderate number of healthier choices and typical exercise) has worked for me. I tell them about MFP and they usually act skeptical then. Why, I don't know.

    I have experienced firsthand the truth to eating 1200 calories or less and not losing for long periods of time. Keeping my calories around 1400-1600, I've been losing slowly yet consistently since March. If I try to explain this to most of my female friends they're like, "OH well that will not work for me because the only time in my life I ever lost weight, I was eating 600 cals" or "No, eating better doesn't work for me I have to run 4 miles a day to lose"

    Sure that may be true for them, but when they say it I just hear similar excuses to what I used to say. I didn't understand how I could eat pasta, daily Starbucks, and no veggies and weigh X amount and then go to salads and fruit and still weigh X amount. I think my whole adult life I've been unknowingly yo-yo dieting by having "good days" that were under 1200 cals. I know some people don't believe that it works that way but for my body it apparently sorta does...
  • JenX15
    JenX15 Posts: 103 Member
    I can totally relate! Just had the same question asked by a cousin that I have not seen in a while. My response "Eat less, move more", and she looked at me and said "No, really, what's your secret?". I had to just repeat myself ... we all know there is no "secret" - we just have to get up every morning and DO it.
  • goalss4nika
    goalss4nika Posts: 529 Member
    I agree unless your like me and doing the atkins approach. I believe in doing what works best for you. Congrats on your success thus far :flowerforyou:
  • willnevergiveup
    willnevergiveup Posts: 138 Member
    I've lost almost 40 pounds and I get annoyed with those who ask "what's your secret?" Actually, the secret is figuring out what works for you,something I've learned in this process,but it takes too long to explain this and really, people don't want to hear it.

    Some rules that work for me:

    1) don't eat food I hate just because they're "healthy". Some people like cottage cheese and broccoli; I'm not one of them. OTOH, I do like tinned sardines, olives, and green beans, food some others don't like.

    2) figure out how to eat food I do like. For example, instead of pasta I saute some sliced zucchini and put spaghetti sauce on that.

    This is not a "diet" which will end when I'm at goal weight. This is a diet that's forever.
  • RickyLuvsMary4ever
    RickyLuvsMary4ever Posts: 56 Member
    This is a funny topic! It's so true.

    I am shrinking away here, having crazy fun and saving tons of money cooking my own food.

    I am rarely hungry!

    "How are you doing it?" I get asked

    "Calories in and calories out, a food scale and a fair amount of exercise." I reply.

    "I can't do that! But I did see a pill on the TV for $29.95, I am going to ask my doctor about it."

    They don't want to hear the truth.

    Don't even start on the people telling you how to lose weight or what your doing wrong on your weight loss journey!
  • charseekingchar
    well said! People are always going to ask anyone who has had success in weight loss what they did, as if it is some sort of secret. Take it as a compliment as they are just so floored by your success (and notice it ;) that they HAVE to know what you're doing so they can look like you! Congrats on the 25 pounds by the way :)
  • chinalavy
    chinalavy Posts: 104
    I think is hard for people to imagine you actually work very hard to loose every pound and the patient that it takes to keep on going is not secret formula but is to much work for some people .
  • JoelGMT
    JoelGMT Posts: 4 Member
    I agree with your 3 "steps" but I disagree with your first sentence. My post said that understanding HOW it works is easy. It IS simple math: Calories in vs calories out. I never said losing weight is easy. There are many things that make eating right and excersizing hard and you address a few of them in your post.
  • jaymie_x0
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    I always get asked...& i tell everyone....stop eating & drinking process nasty **** & get off your *kitten*. If you really want it, you'll work for it
  • NaomiJFoster
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    I had this amusing conversation just last week:

    Wow! You really *are* losing weight. It's really obvious!
    What are you doing?
    Oh, just eating better and exercising better.
    What are you eating?
    Just food. But in better proportions as far as proteins, carbs, and fats.
    No, but what are you eating?
    Just food. Lots of vegetables, fruits, chicken, fish, beef, eggs, hummus, beans, yogurt, potatoes, rice, cereal, milk. Just food.
    No, but what are you eating to lose weight?
    Yeah. Vegetables, fruits, meats, beans, dairy, whole grains. Just food. Just in better proportions and portion sizes.
    No, but what are you eating that's making you lose the weight?
    Yeah. Good food,. Just in a better way.
    Come on! Really, what are you eating?

    I ended up just giving her a mysterious smile and walking away. I was highly amused.
  • zenalasca
    zenalasca Posts: 563 Member
    Tbh my secret is not living in America and being exposed to things like Applebees and Olive Garden :wink:

    Edit: Oh yeah, and tracking calories in vs out.
  • lumpy_spaceprincess
    lumpy_spaceprincess Posts: 52 Member
    Mines has got to be, eating more of the right food less of the treats. Also getting more active and learning to love the gym. Tracking food and exercise has been so helpful to me, as has being part of the online community through MFP and tumblr.

    Finally, water and green tea are my best friends!
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