What's Is the longest someone has been logging on for

AsrarHussain Posts: 1,424 Member
I have been logging on for 440 days in a row just curious


  • SidsMom80
    SidsMom80 Posts: 97 Member
    Just hit 60 after a far too long hiatus.
  • Willbenchforcupcakes
    Willbenchforcupcakes Posts: 4,955 Member
    I'm at 500 and something. Have an awesome friend who is at around 940 days.
  • leebesstoad
    leebesstoad Posts: 1,186 Member
    The longest I've seen is about 440, so 900+ is incredible.
  • nursenelson
    nursenelson Posts: 295
    one of my mfp friends has "logged in" for 1175 days.
    she has lost over 137 pounds and has kept it off.
    she doesn't track her food or exercise anymore (or at least it doesn't show up on my feed) but it shows that she logs in everyday.
    I think she keeps herself in line by checking in everyday and keeping up to date on the message boards.
    my longest was 365 then I FORGOT to log in the very next day. How crazy is that?!?!?!
    I almost cried.
  • runner2runner
    runner2runner Posts: 1,937 Member
    I've been logged in for just under 120 days now, which is actually very little compared to some people here. One of my friends passed the 1000 days marks just over a week ago.
  • choijanro
    choijanro Posts: 754 Member
    The longest I see and i know what at the year 2010.. idk when is MFP was created or started?
  • Stump_Likker
    Stump_Likker Posts: 2,059 Member
    I see one from 2009.
  • MB_Positif
    MB_Positif Posts: 8,898 Member
    My next status update on it will be 915 days. I have a few friends over 1,000
  • anaconda469
    anaconda469 Posts: 3,450 Member
    310 days in a row.
  • Serah87
    Serah87 Posts: 5,482 Member
    Today I hit 545 days. :bigsmile:
  • SusanKKO
    SusanKKO Posts: 45 Member
    On my 91st day, I worked until 12:30 am and didn't log in otherwise, I'd be at 135 days instead of 45. It's not too long, but stinks having to start over. Congrats to all of you who have been logging for many days!
  • Mustangsally1000
    Mustangsally1000 Posts: 860 Member
    I think tomorrow will be 880 days for me. :drinker:
  • orangebuttercat
    orangebuttercat Posts: 143 Member
    when I get to 99 days, I will not log in on day 100.
    I feel for me, that will be more meaningful that I know I can handle it.
    Backwards I know
  • onwarddownward
    onwarddownward Posts: 1,683 Member
    Wow to all the old timers! WTG with your bad selves!

    I'm a newbie.
  • usafmom5131
    usafmom5131 Posts: 2 Member
    I will hit 580 days on Monday!! :)
  • Pixi_Rex
    Pixi_Rex Posts: 1,676 Member
    I know I have at least one friend that just rolled over 1000 days logged.

    I am on 260 on this profile, I was at almost 400 on my old one.
  • Tonnina
    Tonnina Posts: 979 Member
    Today was day 720... I have had to reset a couple of time but only because of time zone issues. I do log in at least once a day, even on vacation (that's where the time zone issues arise!!)
  • JO4IT
    JO4IT Posts: 79 Member
    Question: Does the count only go up if you enter a diary entry every day? Or just if you log in and do anything on the site.
  • rodneyderrick
    rodneyderrick Posts: 483 Member
    I have friends who have logged over 1000 days, and I'm at 855.
  • Pixi_Rex
    Pixi_Rex Posts: 1,676 Member
    Question: Does the count only go up if you enter a diary entry every day? Or just if you log in and do anything on the site.

    All you have to do is log in to keep your count.