What's Is the longest someone has been logging on for



  • So_Much_Fab
    So_Much_Fab Posts: 1,146 Member
    I was at 600-something then forgot to log in one day and blew my streak. A few of my friends are pushing 1000 days.
  • Shell_7609
    Shell_7609 Posts: 786 Member
    I'm about to hit 720 tomorrow
  • TheEffort
    TheEffort Posts: 1,028 Member
    Over 775 days logging.

  • choochoobell
    choochoobell Posts: 147 Member
  • rodneyderrick
    rodneyderrick Posts: 483 Member
    I've actually logged every single day. I'm not here just to entertain my friends, but to actually maintain my weight. I can't do that, and sham at the same time.
  • smantha32
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  • Ejourneys
    Ejourneys Posts: 1,603 Member
    Congratulations to all!
    I've logged on every day since I joined last September. Today is day 319.
  • taiyola
    taiyola Posts: 964 Member
    Bloody hell! I don't know mine - I took it off showing because when I had limited internet access it'd keep repeating every 5 days or whatever.

    I've been on and off here for a couple of years, but gone a few months without logging or using.
  • Deipneus
    Deipneus Posts: 1,862 Member
    Question: Does the count only go up if you enter a diary entry every day? Or just if you log in and do anything on the site.

    All you have to do is log in to keep your count.
    That's what's so funny. I'm at around 600 days but I don't even log food here anymore because I switched apps. All I do is weigh in on my phone on most days.
  • AsrarHussain
    AsrarHussain Posts: 1,424 Member
    I thought i was logging in for long 440 days is nothing compared to you guys
  • griff7809
    griff7809 Posts: 611 Member
    Somebody on my FL is at 1300 + days!!
  • dta4ever
    dta4ever Posts: 27 Member
    Oh my goodness! You guys are an inspiration! This has made me 100% dedicated to hitting a huge number. The longest streak I have ever been at is around 150 days. Totally inspiring to know that you guys are hitting close to the 3 year mark without missing a day!
  • NormInv
    NormInv Posts: 3,285 Member
    Ive been logging into life for 13,514 days. Can you top that?
  • AsrarHussain
    AsrarHussain Posts: 1,424 Member
    Ive been logging into life for 13,514 days. Can you top that?

    r u being serious if so That is impressive i cant beat that LOL
  • Deipneus
    Deipneus Posts: 1,862 Member
    Ive been logging into life for 13,514 days. Can you top that?
    Logging into MFP since 1976 would be impressive. Logging into life? Well, I expect a little more than just "logging in".
  • chm2616
    chm2616 Posts: 434 Member
    I'm at 460, but one of my pals is over 1300!!!!! She's awesome!!!!!
  • bert16
    bert16 Posts: 725 Member
    I'm at 640 days myself; my friend with the longest streak just hit 1155! :noway:
  • spud_chick
    spud_chick Posts: 2,639 Member
    Coming up on my first anniversary next month. I've logged my food/exercise diary every day since 8/21/2012. Even if I'm on maintenance calories for a while or know I'm going to take a cheat day, I log my food and calorie expenditures. I take breaks from dieting but not from keeping the diary, which feels like a good habit I don't want to let go of.
  • millerll
    millerll Posts: 873 Member
    1174 here. I have no life!
  • goalss4nika
    goalss4nika Posts: 529 Member
    Today I am at 135 :bigsmile: