30 Day Squat Challenge ~ Looking to partner up

Hi everyone!

I am looking to do the 30 Day Squat challenge and thought that it would be nice to have some FP's to do it with! We could encourage each other. I do not exercise really at all, but I am up to the challenge. I think it is good for beginners as well since it starts out so low. If you google 30 day squat challenge it comes right up. You can pick one with a picture or not, but it basically the one with the day by day breakdown starting at 50 squats a day. (no weights just your body weight)

Let me know! :)


  • AJ_Muffin
    AJ_Muffin Posts: 93 Member
    I started it today! Sent request :)
  • Psylocke_13
    Psylocke_13 Posts: 13 Member
    Awesome AJL! Me too! !Got your request. Good job day one!!
  • yoster28
    yoster28 Posts: 49 Member
    I would love to join in on this challenge I did semi-complete it back in April. The reason I say semi because I did not do the last 3 days. I enjoyed it and would love to join you ladies to complete a full challenge. I will do my first 50 tonight. :happy: I still have the chart saved to my desktop. Good luck ladies.. :wink:
  • chickpeas1
    chickpeas1 Posts: 29 Member
    I'm up for it! Legs are my only real issue area for toning. I'll add you all :)
  • Psylocke_13
    Psylocke_13 Posts: 13 Member
    We have a great group going!! Let's do this and rock it! I also started and did not complete. This time I will. Good Luck to all!!
  • mboski2
    mboski2 Posts: 13 Member
    I'm jumping on the bandwagon so make room :)

  • AJ_Muffin
    AJ_Muffin Posts: 93 Member
    And bend and SQUEEEEEZE, and bend and SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZE!! Good luck ladies :)
  • cmccoy0901
    cmccoy0901 Posts: 156 Member
    I have done it before but didn't finish it but I will do it again and complete it this time! :happy:
  • Psylocke_13
    Psylocke_13 Posts: 13 Member
    It is only the second day and plenty of room you all!! So get those 55 squats in!! Did I hear a what what?! Let's do this!! ;)
  • squishy84
    squishy84 Posts: 30
    Me! Can I do it too please? :-)
  • AJ_Muffin
    AJ_Muffin Posts: 93 Member
    Day 3 today, also starting level 2 of Killer Abs,,,,lotsa burrrrrrrrn :D Good luck ladies!
  • soccermom1013
    soccermom1013 Posts: 31 Member
    I'm in!! I could use some encouraging and new friends.
  • I'm in...just seen the 30-day squat challenge on Pinterest and thought it would be good to do, the only exercise I am currently doing is running, so this will be good for my "off" days. :):)
  • MoRiv1986
    MoRiv1986 Posts: 380 Member
    I'm in!
  • lll joing ya... just make sure I am doing the same one, so if you dont mind send me the one you are doing...

    There is also a plank challenge would you like to combine the two??? |
  • jdleslie18
    jdleslie18 Posts: 46 Member
    I want to do this as well. Should I start on Day 3 with the rest of the group, or just start on Day 1? I'm interested in the plank challenge as well. Did a Group form that I need to join? I haven't done one of these before.
  • sabified
    sabified Posts: 1,051 Member
    I'm in too :)

    For the record, I plan to use this schedule:

    But incorporating these squats:

    Will start day 1 (with basic squats) this evening :)
  • joanthemom8
    joanthemom8 Posts: 375 Member
    I'm in! I've been telling myself to start doing squats - but I have a mental hang-up about them (lol) so this will keep me accountable!
  • AJ_Muffin
    AJ_Muffin Posts: 93 Member
    Day 3 done,,,,well earned rest day tomorrow ladies ;)
  • soccermom1013
    soccermom1013 Posts: 31 Member
    I started last night. So day 1 complete.