300 ugh! I really need some motivation.



  • BL_Mark
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    Dude... you're not alone... SW 350 and then got down to under 289 and for the past three weeks I've stalled and maintained... it's ok and we'll get over this hump together. Friend me if you want.


  • bcarman86
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    forgive yourself for the slight backtrack

    Agreed! You have to forgive yourself for not being perfect and get back to work! I have the same problem. We all get discouraged and stuck in a rut sometimes, but get back to it girl! You can do this!
  • boredlimodriver
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    just keep at it. we all hit bumps in the road. it's tough but worth it!
  • jackiesantos1422
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    why don't we motivate eachother?? If you want you can email me and we can make sure that each one is doing their exercise its the accountability factor. Studies have proven that if you have someone to work out with that you will generally do better because not now only are you accountable to yourself but someone else too. If you live local in san diego we can even go work out but yeah im down for email motivators :)
  • RobertHendrix
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    Remember motivation is like bathing. It doesn't last and is recommended daily. So don't worry about what has happened before right now and find the motivation to change going forward. Look for new motivation everyday and understand that sometimes what has been motivating you will fade and not work and you will need to find something new to drive you.
  • Audgiebug
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    We all fall off the band wagon from time to time. But each day is a fresh start. Losing weight is a hard thing to do no matter what shape the body is in. Effort daily will pay off! I started at 298 and made small goals of reaching 290 and now I am at 284 I am hoping to hit 278 by Aug 21 and 250 by the end of the year. You can add me and we can help motivate each other.
  • xX_PhoenixRising_Xx
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    I fell off the wagon at one point too - for 7 months last year. I started in November 2011 at 329lbs, lost 50lbs or so in sixe months then moved country and ate what I wanted for that 7 months. I think my saving grace was exercise, the damage could have been so much worse. I gained 14 lbs back in that 7 months and started in January this year at 294. It was really, really hard to get myself back on track. But I had a stern talk with myself and I'm so glad that I did. It's discouraging to have to re-lose weight you've lost (I'd be over 100lbs from my start weight now if I didn't have to lose that 14lbs twice!) BUT think of how proud you'll be of yourself when you lose it again and keep going. I'm now at 242lbs, and I'm proud of myself again!
  • kreationsforhome
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    It is really hard to stay on track. I am doing my best and taking it one day at a time
  • fiofi
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    It is so lovely reading all the kind words of encouragement and support on this thread. They are right, don't be sad, just persevere, and remember how good that 287 feeling was. You can do it :)
  • AleciaG724
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    I started at 326 In April - I am very consistent logging and exercising almost every day, but that is what works for me. Some people work super hard, then take breaks for a day or a weekend, or a week, then get back at it. Whatever works for you, just have a plan, stick to it & don't quit!

    Friend me if you want, but my diary is open.
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    AMazing loss Alecia very motivating
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    It can definitely get discouraging some days! This time around ( the last 3 weeks) I started at 312, and am down to just under 300, but it's the lowest I've been since 2007... That's when I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, 3 days after my 30th birthday... I weighed 338! I cried, and felt so hopeless and disgusting, but over 6 months, meds, diet change, giving up regular pop and stress helped me lose 70 lbs! Unfortunately while the weight was coming off almost without trying my life was falling apart... We moved, I found out I was getting laid off work, and then I found out my husband was cheating on me... That Christmas was awful, and right after, we split... (Good riddance). I kept most of the weight off for over a year, but then one day my new (now ex) bf wanted McDonald's for dinner, and the backsliding started.. Slowly over the next 2 years it crept back, and by 2009/10 I was over 300 again, feeling horrible for letting it happen, and since then I tried on and off, but could never stick to it.. Kept going between 307 and 315, and so frustrated, just couldn't get below 300, and half worried that i never would. Then this past May, my mum passed away. She had cirrhosis of the liver, but not from drinking, she died from liver failure, due to obesity. I know my weight upset her, and I don't want to die, and finally something's clicked, and this time it just feels like it's right.. And oddly it's been easier, hardly any cravings for junk food, I know it's only been three weeks, but I've made what I think will be a permanent lifestyle change! After the first few days I haven't been hungry, and I've lost about 14 lbs, and my fasting blood sugar has gone from the nines, to the 5-6's.
    I've been big forever. Really... The first time I member feeling fat was grade 6 when we did a class project looking at body sizes, and the teacher weighed everyone. Embarrassing! It's finally time to shed this extra weight and get healthy! With support this seems easier (my bf is on the bandwagon, and his support really helps me!)! :D
    Add me if you like! I could use more friends active on here!