Menu Planning

I know that if I have everything planned out in advanced and have it already in my head that will be what I am eating that I am less likely to stray from the course. Problem is, the only time I truly have ever followed a strict menu diet is when doing ridiculous diets (HCG).

Does anyone know any websites or any other helpful information to get me started in this area? Any advice is appreciated or heck even if you want to share your own menu that would be fantastic as well.

Thanks in advance!


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    I'm not a CleanEater, but their website will give you bi-monthly menu plans, along with grocery shopping lists.
    it really helps when I have no idea what to eat for the week, it's always super delicious and I know it'll be healthy and satisfying
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    bump for clean rating website and meal planning
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    I do the menu planning and grocery shopping for my boyfriend and I, just because I like to control it! He's not picky and eats whatever I plan. I shop on Sunday mornings usually and plan for the week.

    I plan lunch for myself (he prefers to make his own or buy it) and dinners for us for 5 days. On the weekends we're usually out and about and go out to eat or with family, etc. I try to make 1 new recipe per week, but that doesn't always happen. Here's an example of our dinners for a typical summer week:

    Monday - Fish (salmon or haddock, whatever looks good) with steamed green beans
    Tuesday - Chicken sausages and steamed broccoli (need something super quick as I have ballet and don't get home til 8:45p)
    Wednesday - Grilled chix breasts or grilled steak tips and a big salad
    Thursday - New recipe (I get a lot of them from or
    Friday - Grilled chix breasts or steak tips with tomato/mozz/basil and/or light pasta salad

    We don't usually have a starchy side for dinner because I found that they take up a lot of calories and the meat and veg is plenty and keeps us full.

    We have a LOT of "usual" meals and it's totally fine. Eventually you might get sick of them, but if they're easy to prepare and everyone likes it, no harm in that. I do the same thing with my lunches. I figure out what I like within 400-450 cals for lunch and 300-400 cals for bfast, plus snacks.

    On the back of my grocery list, I write down the meals for the week. I usually put this on the fridge after I go shopping so I don't forget. That way if my bf gets home before me, he can start cooking.
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    Fun page with balanced meal ideas. We plan out our meals over the weekends for the upcoming week. Breakfasts are usually the same while dinners can be leftovers for the next day's lunch.
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    Thanks for everyone's input. I had not seen/heard of the websites before and am on my way to checking them out. Hopefully I can teach myself a new (good) habit!
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    herblackwings39 Posts: 3,926 Member is good. I also like has some awesome recipes, not necessarily "diet", but fairly cheap and tasty. You can also make some substitutions to make regular recipes more friendly to your calorie goals.
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    Good info here! Thanks for sharing.
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