What is your current hairstyle & haircolor now?



  • AnaCoffee
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    Butt-length, though waist-length when braided which is pretty much all the time. Normally it's light brown, but in June my teenage son swore that I was going gray just above my ears. So I figured if I had to dye and if hub & I were taking him to his first Pride festival, I'd go full rainbow. He wouldn't look at me for weeks. :laugh: A friend helped me dye it blue, aqua, purple, red, and orange. There are pics of it in my profile. Love, love, love my rainbow hair! You're never too old for it, imo. :drinker:

    A lot of the colors have faded out and even after redying a few, I currently have a gorgeous magenta, some streaks of a golden blonde (the initial color I'd dyed my hair so the Ion Color Brilliance dyes would grab hold,) and a bit of aqua that's faded to green. When all of the color fades I plan on redying one half red, the other half orange. :smile:
  • JenAndSome
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    It is a good look for me.

    I agree.

    My hair is almost half way down my back and I'm a brunette. I'm about due for a haircut, though.
  • I_Will_Be_The_Swan
    My natural shade of "brown with golden blondeish stuff and red" - I have yet to find a more concise way of conveying that - and down to the small of my back, though I keep it in a bun, with bangs that I'm growing out.
  • Jersey_Devil
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  • PunkyRachel
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    red/brown, short pixie cut
  • ECA67
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    Same as my avatar
  • elledeery
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    Same as my profile pic, it's about boob length when straightened, all natural color except for blonde and light purple peekaboo foils on one side!
  • hopefaithlove24
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    About halfway back length, colored a dark reddish brown and a wavy perm. Natural color is dark brown.
  • dodihere
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  • kikionna4
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    Long and dark red. :)
  • blytheandbonnie
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    As my picture. I used to bleach it blonde but can't afford to now.
    That's a gorgeous color. I don't think you need to dye it.
  • eric_sg61
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    Dark Brown, butched but growing it out to early 80's era Stallone or Erik Estrada from the CHiPs era. I should look fabulous
  • swaistle
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    blonde fringe and bangs, the rest is orange ^^
  • Cheeky_0102
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    my profile pic was posted to sport my new hair. The pink rocks my socks... my bosses haven't seen it though, Not sure how they would feel about it
  • _Tink_
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    Brunette. Somewhat long, layered, and naturally wavy.
  • Specialkayrina
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    Dark blonde, natural, long hair.
  • moxiecowgirl
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    Crazy curls that look like I spent the day at the beach and rode a Harley home with no helmet. It's auburn-ish with some really random blonde highlights right now, but it'll be true red in a couple of days.
  • BAMFMeredith
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    Long-ish brown hair with balayage highlights, and today I pretty much did nothing to it except washed it and let it air dry and now it looks like this:

  • theepervette
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    I have a side cut/shave with red hair... as if you hadn't already noticed from my picture :)
  • Iron_Lotus
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