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NSV at Disneyland.

Symphony2010 Posts: 50 Member
I have an annual pass to Disneyland and my family goes once a month.
My job has always been to stay with the stroller and bags, while everyone else enjoys the rides because I couldn't fit on them (except for the ones like "pirates of the Caribbean" and "it's a small world")
Well after losing close to 100lbs I figured I would try to get on some of the lap bar rides.
The first one I tried was my arch nemesis... The haunted mansion.
It is the smallest sized ride at Disneyland, mostly bc of how low the bar closes and that there r not multiple clicks the bar can latch to. I haven't been able to go on that ride in years. I was scared I still wouldn't fit, but my daughter really wanted to go. So I tried....and I could fit!!! I'm so proud of myself :D
After going on that ride, I figured I could fit on the others too. I was able to get on every ride I wanted to go on. I forgot how scary some of the fantasyland rides r lol. What's up with Pinocchio? Lol
My new Disneyland NSV is to be able to get around the park without have to use an electric scooter. That's a big one bc we usually spend about 13 hours there!


  • mrstotal180
    mrstotal180 Posts: 32 Member
    Great job! That's an awesome NSV....can't wait to get to 100 lbs lost! WTG :smile:
  • BattleTaxi
    BattleTaxi Posts: 752 Member
    AWESOME!!! You rock!! Keep it up!!
  • quiltlovinlisa
    quiltlovinlisa Posts: 1,710 Member
    What a fantastic victory!!! Love your next goal. Walking for 13 hours is a lot of work. You're doing it!
  • fat2strongbeth
    fat2strongbeth Posts: 735 Member
    Amazing! You must feel great!!
  • LovelyVegetarian
    LovelyVegetarian Posts: 117 Member
    I love this! My AHA moment was at an amusement park so I can relate....I was 6 months post baby no. 2 (second C section) and I could not fit in the ride with my first kid. It was so depressing. So I get it. Congrats and job well done!!!
  • bdeezy3396
    bdeezy3396 Posts: 89 Member
    that is sooo cool !!! Great job! Stay strong, and stay motivated !!!!!
  • RoadsterGirlie
    RoadsterGirlie Posts: 1,195 Member
    Congratulations. I love Disneyland. My husband and I had annual passes when we lived in SoCal, and would go twice a week. I agree - what IS up with Pinocchio? lol

    Or better yet, Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. That one is seriously effed up.

    Enjoy your new adventures and congrats on the loss. I'm sure you will have many more of them.
  • elleloch
    elleloch Posts: 739 Member

    I've been to Disneyland so many times. That place is nuts!

    Are you sitting on a bench at the HB Pier in your photo? My grandparents live in HB! I LOVE to visit there, great place :)
  • michellechawner
    How fabulous!!

    PS I also live in southern california (Mission Viejo), and I used to have a disneyland pass, but money issues :(. I am proud you didn't need the scooter, I know after a day there I am exhausted and can barely walk to the car myself!!!
  • FindingMyself24
    FindingMyself24 Posts: 613 Member
    Aww thats awesome!! Way to go!
  • Cheeky_0102
    Cheeky_0102 Posts: 408 Member
    The best part about that is the time you are gaining back with your kids! That's awesome! huge reason to keep going, imagine what else you can do together!
  • rsjohnb
    rsjohnb Posts: 215 Member
    What an inspiring story, well done!

    Disney is my favourite place in the world it takes us two years to save up to get there it must be great to be able to go every month.

    congratulation and good luck !!:happy:
  • tarag8100
    tarag8100 Posts: 60 Member
    you rock! that is awesome!!!
  • vkc1978
    vkc1978 Posts: 63 Member
    You rock!!! Thats awesome.. giving you an internet high five now :drinker:
  • jessizona80
    jessizona80 Posts: 108 Member
    I LOVE your NSV! Disneyland is such a great place, I'm so glad you can go and do the stuff you love there now. Keep it up and you'll be running from ride to ride with your kids in no time.

    And I agree with Mr. Toad's Wild Ride being crazy scary. WTH? Only Disney could get away with that.
  • wemhoffrm
    wemhoffrm Posts: 1
    New to the boards here. Is there somewhere to search all the abbreviations? I have no clue what NSV means.
  • booker2shoes
    booker2shoes Posts: 50 Member
    The best part about that is the time you are gaining back with your kids! That's awesome! huge reason to keep going, imagine what else you can do together!

    Totally agree! You're doing awesome things for yourself and your family. Congratulations!!
    that is AWESOME!!! and I know what you mean I would NEVER go to waterparks with the family much less get on the rides, last summer I started going with my grandkids and we have a season pass this year, so much fun and exercise too.
    Happy for your NSV!!!!!
  • ash8184
    ash8184 Posts: 701 Member
    Awesome, awesome, awesome job! You were doing well not to bawl all over the place at your awesome victory. Well done and keep us posted on the next time you go! Also, once you're out of the scooter, just imagine how many calories you'll be burning! The last time I was at Disneyland, I walked about 14 miles :)

    (I know exactly how you feel - I have been in the same situation. The Haunted Mansion IS small!).
  • VorJoshigan
    VorJoshigan Posts: 1,106 Member
    New to the boards here. Is there somewhere to search all the abbreviations? I have no clue what NSV means.

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