POLL: What's everyone having for dinner tonight?

alabbey Posts: 28 Member
Just curious what everyone is planning on having for dinner tonight. I am planning on homemade bean and cheese chimichangas with lettuce and pico de gallo. How bout you??


  • Pearsquared
    Pearsquared Posts: 1,656 Member
    I have leftover homemade shrimp pizza. (:
    SJVZEE Posts: 451 Member
    large green smoothie and then a small plate of almonds, black olives and locally made habanero cheese :)
  • tmpecus78
    tmpecus78 Posts: 1,206 Member
    you don't want to know, you'll cry
  • JSA17
    JSA17 Posts: 81 Member
    Probably whip up a quick veggie stir fry. Won't have time to cook anything fancier than that.
  • AlabasterVerve
    AlabasterVerve Posts: 3,171 Member
    Italian sausage, peppers & onions.
  • kirstyfairhead
    kirstyfairhead Posts: 220 Member
    Just had lamb shish kebab with a little garlic sauce, lots of salad and no pitta. Yum yum!!!
  • girlcalledryan
    girlcalledryan Posts: 241 Member
    Taco tuesday! Shrimp tacos!!! Yay (my favorite)
  • Angimom
    Angimom Posts: 1,463 Member
    Quinoa, tomato, onion, black beans and some kind of sauce on it. Maybe Hawaiian sauce. YUM.
  • sheisbrown
    sheisbrown Posts: 171 Member
    Spicy cilantro lime shrimp tacos! Yum!
  • jgal86
    jgal86 Posts: 77
    I bought some lean ground turkey. Gonna fry that up with some onions and garlic then put on a bed of leafy lettuce, top with my favorite taco seasonings and BAM no tortilla turkey tacos!
  • katz6910
    katz6910 Posts: 156 Member
    Baked bean lasagne! Was delicious and the kids ate it too! :drinker: That's a huge win in my eyes haha
  • Iron_Lotus
    Iron_Lotus Posts: 2,295 Member
    I ate all the meat! I have no idea what I'm going to do tonight
  • Yeller_Sensation
    Yeller_Sensation Posts: 373 Member
    Stir-fry chicken and vegetables.
  • MinatoandClover
    MinatoandClover Posts: 160 Member
    I went out to dinner. I had margherita pasta. It was pretty good :9
  • ChristinaOrtiz23
    ChristinaOrtiz23 Posts: 1,546 Member
    LEFT OVERS.... Stouffer's Skillet Sensation - Grilled Chicken and Vegetables In Parmesan Sauce
  • natmadc
    natmadc Posts: 116 Member
  • mrsmcf
    mrsmcf Posts: 41 Member
    Grilled chicken salad......yum!
  • jessicadawn1978
    jessicadawn1978 Posts: 45 Member
    In the UK it's 8:30pm now just had dinner, green salad, quorn veggie burger and m&s quinoa and endame bean salad
  • patrickblo13
    patrickblo13 Posts: 831 Member
    Homemade Turkey Burgers
    Grilled Pineapple
  • Jem_Girl
    Jem_Girl Posts: 110 Member
    Grilled chicken (4oz) with a little peri-peri sauce on it and some steamed asparagus on the side. Looking forward to it!