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Breakfast in the car

chrisloveslifechrisloveslife Member Posts: 194 Member Member Posts: 194 Member
I'm looking for good breakfast items that I can quickly make and run out the door to my car. I have to leave my house by 6:30 to get to work by 8:00 and I typically just make something quick and take it with me. If I have time, I make a smoothie or egg white wrap, but I usually just throw some peanut butter on rice cakes.

To give you an idea of how coordinated I am, I usually spill coffee on myself while driving to work and I have been known to drip egg whites down my shirt or on my pants. Good thing I bring a sweater.

Anyway, if anyone has any breakfasts that are easy to eat while highway driving, please let me know!


  • c_tap77c_tap77 Member Posts: 189 Member Member Posts: 189 Member
    I found on pinterest a way too cook eggs in a muffin tin (you literally just crack the eggs into the muffin tins and cook them at 350 for 12-15 minutes). They fit perfectly on a multi-grain english muffin with a slice of ham or turkey.

    I make them at the beginning of the week and store them in the fridge so I can throw my little sandwich together in the morning. Lately I've been eating a lot of yogurt in the morning, but when I want a hot breakfast they're super fast and not messy. My coordination level is on par with yours :wink: and I eat these in the car no problem.

    Edit: I've never tried it with just egg whites though. I'm sure it would work but you might have to adjust the cook time.
  • chandanistachandanista Member Posts: 990 Member Member Posts: 990 Member
    I tend to eat a boiled egg and/or Yoplait yogurt, with sides of fruit, for breakfast. Some days I snack on a serving of Chex (without milk). I spread it out through the morning though, as I'm not naturally hungry in the AM. So what I would try, if I knew I'd be eating in the car, is weighing out baggies of grapes or apple slices, a pre-peeled boiled egg (you can do these on the weekend and just keep them in the fridge in some water), and maybe some dry cereal measured out into one of those cup-size lidded bowls (like for baby food). Then just snack away your breakfast on the way to work.
  • annebaum41912annebaum41912 Member Posts: 91 Member Member Posts: 91 Member
    I usually just make a protein drink. 1 cup skim milk and 1 scoop body fortress strawberry flavor.
  • PhrickPhrick Member Posts: 2,765 Member Member Posts: 2,765 Member
    I like to make breakfast bars or cookies. Check out the Recipes forum, if you do a search you'll find tons of ideas. :)
  • qtgonewildqtgonewild Member Posts: 1,931 Member Member Posts: 1,931 Member
    the egg in the muffin idea is awesome! thank you so much for sharing!
  • c_tap77c_tap77 Member Posts: 189 Member Member Posts: 189 Member
    You're welcome! Although pinterest really gets all the credit haha.
  • icimaniicimani Member Posts: 1,454 Member Member Posts: 1,454 Member
    I always take a banana that I peel before I get in the car and wrap in a paper towel.

    Then I'll take one of these:
    - protein bar
    - Emerald Nuts on-the-go - individual packets of trail mix in different flavors
    - make ahead egg muffins (you can find lots of recipes here at MFP)
    - make ahead egg burritos
  • jenna715jenna715 Member Posts: 201 Member Posts: 201
    I like luna bars
  • alishacupcakealishacupcake Member Posts: 443 Member Member Posts: 443 Member
    I usually eat a protein bar. Luna makes some that I really like. I also bring turkey jerky sometimes.
  • jgal86jgal86 Member Posts: 77 Member Posts: 77
    Make a smoothie and take it in a to-go cup. If you make them with some protein powder, yogurt and fruit they are super thick and keep you full.
  • Legs_McGeeLegs_McGee Member Posts: 845 Member Member Posts: 845 Member
    I eat a banana in the car on the way to the gym in the morning. I've also eaten oatmeal out of a coffee cup. My dog eats breakfast in the car on the way to doggie daycare; it's our special time.
  • ChangingAmandaChangingAmanda Member Posts: 486 Member Member Posts: 486 Member
    Another variation on the muffin tin eggs is to scramble the eggs (not cook just whisk in a bowl), add meat/cheese/veggies to the muffin tins, pour in the eggs, bake at 350º until set. I usually see them done in the mini muffin tins but it would work well in full sized tins as well.

    Look for to go cups with straws for smoothies so you'll lessen the chance of spilling on yourself.

    It might be worth keeping either an apron or button down shirt in the car. We used to use our dads' old work shirts as smocks for arts in crafts while in school.
  • chrisloveslifechrisloveslife Member Posts: 194 Member Member Posts: 194 Member
    Thanks everyone! I'm not talented enough to eat out of a container. I usually do put my smoothies in one of those plastic cups with a straw. I just got one shaped like a mason jar. When I go to classes I usually grab a Luna or Clif bar. I love the Luna protein bars that taste like cookie dough.
  • firstsipfirstsip Member Posts: 8,578 Member Member Posts: 8,578 Member
    I can't believe some of the responses in this post :( I think they're all just jealous.
  • adiostraseroadiostrasero Member Posts: 127 Member Member Posts: 127 Member
    Smoothies all the way.

    Also, if you can learn to roll a burrito without it falling apart (took me awhile), breakfast burritos are good. You can roll them in aluminum foil and keep it wrapped around the bottom; that keeps it from unrolling on you.
  • xiamjackiexiamjackie Member Posts: 611 Member Member Posts: 611 Member
    I can't believe some of the responses in this post :( I think they're all just jealous.

  • AmyEm3AmyEm3 Member Posts: 786 Member Member Posts: 786 Member
    Ha, you sound like me. I'm always spilling coffee on myself while running out the door. :)

    I'm always on the lookout for new ideas b/c I've been in a rut of a protein shake and some sort of bar.
  • sunshyncatrasunshyncatra Member Posts: 601 Member Member Posts: 601 Member
    Egg cups are good. I made them in a square pan because getting the egg out of the muffin tin was annoying. It works with all sorts of additions, egg whites, or whole eggs. For a grab and go breakfast, I prefer a stick of cheese and a piece of fruit. Peanut butter and jelly on a whole wheat English muffin is good too :)
  • tauntotaunto Member Posts: 6,512 Member Member Posts: 6,512 Member
    cook up some sausage, get some veggies in it, make an omelette out of it with cheese. Get some uncooked biscuits and put the omelette on top of it. Fold up the biscuit. Throw it into a preheated oven (350 F or 175 C) for about 15 minutes.

    DO this the night (or week ahead) and enjoy your breaky on the go.

  • ninerbuffninerbuff Member, Greeter Posts: 45,170 Member Member, Greeter Posts: 45,170 Member
    Lol, most people usually say eggs. I'm not against eggs, but breakfast doesn't have to be a traditional "eggs, bacon, toast" thing.
    How about beef jerky, an apple and and some nuts? Even if you drop those on you, the damage is minimal. Also, no prep time...........just grab and go.

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